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An Experience with a Friend 

By: Dylan Fayerman 




“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”
Walter Winchell


    Life without a friend to ride with, is a life not lived. The mountains of New Hampshire are fun to ride, and especially when weather permits. My friend and I decided to go biking in New Hampshire on a very challenging mountain biking course.  I went with my friend named Phillip.

     We have known each other for over seven years, and we do almost everything together. The weather on the Thursday afternoon was sunny, and the temperature was a warm 71 degrees. When we arrived to the mountain I saw a thick forest, with hills of sand, and gravel. We got our bikes out of the car, said goodbye to our parents for the day, and started our day long adventure.

     We rode for what seemed like two hours, until we reached a huge sand hill. See the problem with sand hills, is bikes cannot brake, because if they do they will loose traction, and the rider will fall. We stopped at the very top of the hill, to see how to approach this ride. Phillip who is a seasoned pro, easily made the huge sand hill. But me, who isn't as experienced as him, was scared. My friend told me I could do this, and so I did. I pushed off the ground, and I started my ride. Everything was great, I was almost half way down, I could see the grass, and then.. I lost control, and my bike fell. Nothing bad had thankfully happened, all expect a small cut on my knee. But I felt like I failed.

    Afterwards my friend helped me up, and comforted me. Even at a time of failure, a true friend is always there for you. The true ones will stick around, and ride by your side. Friendships are the only glue in this world. The glue that keeps the world together. 


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Rory Kennealy

This is a really great piece Dylan! It is well written and you described this story really well.

Nick Brady

This was a very cool experience, and even with a very brief head and heart you managed to convey your point well and show that friendship possesses. It was also cool to see your split conclusion, with two sentences latching together to create suspense and meaning.

Eli Zahavi

Great narrative voice! I could see the big sand hill. Sounds like a good friendship! Great work. Well written.

Yoni Ghansah

I am quite sure you have mentioned Phillip in one of your blog posts, and he seems to be a good friend of yours. I liked the intense story you described, and how friendship tied into helping you try something new.

Yoni Ghansah

I am quite sure you have mentioned Phillip in one of your blog posts, and he seems to be a good friend of yours. I liked the intense story you described, and how friendship tied into helping you try something new.

Sean L

As a mountain biker myself, I understand the struggle that you went through after falling. Nobody likes to fall, but you always have to get back up. It nice seeing how Phillip helped you get back up instead of just watching you. That is a true friend. Great job.

Oliver Ali

Great use of essential details in your setup. I love how you stated the danger of the sand hills before the climax (your bike falling). This foreshadowing kept me engaged. It is difficult to express the power of friendship, but you manage to do it beautifully through words, especially in your head and heart/conclusion. Great work.

Max LG

This story was a very descriptive tale of rising and falling (literally) and it really demonstrated your friendship with Phillip in a great way. Amazing Job!

Will S.

The descriptive element of this piece was very well thought out. The experience of falling and getting back up was very relatable.

Colin Soukup

I can really relate to this, it’s really cool that even though your friend is so much better than you at something. Instead of being a jerk, they helped you get better and recover.

William O'Malley

I liked that it was clear that this experience meant a lot to you, and that you were able to remember, or maybe just guess, the exact temperature outside, overall, it added to an already great story.

Ethan Rich

Great story Dylan! You used a good theme tied into an interesting story, which made it an all around good read. Great job!

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