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    The Friend Inside You

stow-delaney-conservation-area | Freedom's Way National Heritage Area


        Its Tuesday April 8th, and I’m riding what I feel like a hundred miles an hour down a rocky hill. Today was a some what awesome day if you could say the least. I had riden all the way from my house in acton, to Delaney, in stow. Even though many people won’t see this as a accomplishment, I had gained enough of my parents trust to ride, on the “big roads” to head down to Delaney. The long “journey” from my house had only taken around half an hour, but I used this time to let my hair touch the air, and enjoy the beautiful Massachusetts nature. This whole corona virus situation canceled my plans to meet up with my friend Philip. You might of heard about him from some of my other blog posts. But I rode along aways, through the vigorous, and tough trails in the reservation. I rode for what seemed like hours, having wonderful time to myself. I found my body filled with Aderline, going off the big jumps, and struggling to brake down sand hills. This time was filled with excitement, but as well as truly relaxing. I guess maybe sometimes, the best experiences don’t need to be with someone. Sometimes the best friend can be yourself.


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The Fenn Voice

I read this blog post last as I scrolled down, but I certainly wasn't disappointed for it is another great slice of life that you portray in a really cool way. I also love how you build up to a powerful theme. It could use a little bit of editing to be sure that your proper nouns are capitalized as in the towns you mention.


This whole Corona situation has impacted a lot of people in different ways. I'm sad to hear about your cancelled plans with your friends :(. Grammatically, there are a few errors here and there but overall I very much enjoyed this post.

Oliver Ali

Great writing, Dylan. I especially like how you left the reader with that powerful line. I also like the simplicity of your blog post. Most posts I have read have been a little hard to understand, whereas this one is clear cut and precise. It is just about a kid and his bike on a journey to Stow, and I love that.

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