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        Here I sit in my chair at the end of a long day, thinking about what to write for Fitz’s Assignment Sheet. Today, April 5th, was a pretty normal quarantine day. Another day filled with Tennis, Workouts, and Video games. The day started with the footsteps of my dad running up the stairs to wake my sister and I up. Then the normal “Its 11 AM! You just wasted half your day!” We brush our teeth, with our eyes half closed. Then bitterly slither down the stairs for breakfast. In the eyes of my parents, the day is wasted just means, the night is longer. So I finish breakfast, hop on the video games and play for a good hour. I come to terms that I suck at the game, and finally prep for a work out. The next 2 hours were intensity if you would say the least. But the favorite part of the day in my eyes, is the time you spend on call with your friends. I “waste” the rest my day on call with my friends, talking, talking, and talking some more. I sit back and I think, I’ve never been this close with these people until now. So I look and I promise my self, I will social distance, but not socially isolate. So the moral of the story is, keep in contact with friends, and maybe even become closer. Use this time to improve yourself, and your relationships.


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I feel the same way about "I will social distance, but not socially isolate" in which I will remain far away from people physically but not emotionally. This piece is cohesive and interesting... keep up the good work.

The Fenn Voice

You will certainly win the award for the largest images in a blog post :-) it is your words, however, that are very real and natural. In away your paragraphs read more like a poem where the true meaning is not evident until the end.

Nick Brady

The more of you posts I read the more I am impresed by your wisdom in the ending lines. They tie up the whole piece really well and leave the reader with something to think about. I would also recomend selecting "medium" and "centered" when importing an image :p

Oliver Ali

Wow, Dylan. The imagery in this blog post is outstanding. While all of them are clearly well-thought out, my favorite sentence is this one: " Then bitterly slither down the stairs for breakfast." I don't think that there is a better word for going to down the stairs when you are tired unexcited than "slither." Not only is this great writing, but you have a great theme to back it up. Keep up the good work.

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