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The Secret in our backyard 

Creative Work Relies on Failure


    Today was another boring day of quarantine, but was it? The started like any other, waking up at around 10, then brushing my teeth, and walking down the stairs from breakfast. I read for about an hour, and then headed outside. Now this is where the day started to get interesting. I have a huge forest in my backyard you see, and I used to go there almost every day, so I figured why not go again? Well when I was walking through the woods, I discovered a trail that I had never seen. On this trail were old benches, fire hydrants, and power lines. I sat there and wondered, why isn’t this on the map, or why hasn’t anyone told me about this place. I did some research online, and the builder planned to build a paved walkway, and so he started with clearing it into a grass walk way. I soon explored and turned out this was bigger than I thought. The walk away spanned miles, and many people used it has a walk way for them and there dogs. I researched the builder, and he didn’t want it put on the map. He didn’t want his failure to gain town approval to build a paved way, known. But what did this result in? This perfect walk way concealed from people that don’t live in the neighborhood. His failure to accept failure, only failed the people he wanted to help. So I guess the moral of the story is, accidents can be miracles. If you let them 


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The Fenn Voice

I love this. It is a perfect paragraph that captures the joy and wonder of finding something unexpected, which is also meaningful and teaches a lesson. I especially love how you ended this. Nice work.

Nick Brady

This was fun to read because you not only wrote about something that I had never seen before, but you also took us inside your head and showed your curioisity about the world around you. You also ended with a great and surprisingly profound last line.


I enjoyed reading this post as I was able to clearly picture the scene and had the ability to tap into your curious nature. I very much enjoyed your last line as it can apply to many things in the world around us. Keep up the great work!

Oliver Ali

Dylan, what a great piece of writing you have here. You really sold me on that opening line. That suspense engaged me and immediately made me want to read more. Like Will, I was able to really see your curious mindset when you were exploring the details behind the trail. Great work.

Max LG

This piece was illustrated perfectly in my mind, I could see that path in the woods, the fire hydrants along it, and the benches bringing it together, It is always fun to research something you have never thought about, or something new you find. Great piece Dylan!

Jamie Book

Just from reading the first line, I knew that this was gonna be a BANGER of a piece. All jokes aside, you painted a vivid picture of the winding trail going through the woods in your back yard. It’s pretty cool how you researched this trail, and even discovered the builder. I loved the line “His failure to accept failure, only failed the people he wanted to help”. Great job!

Yoni Ghansah

Wow Dylan, I can say that you drew a picture in my head of the woods and so on. You took us though ever that was goin on in your head, and vividly as well. Nice Work.

Colin Soukup

It was short and simple, yet it. Described so much. You didn’t drag on the beginning to long and had two paragraphs preparing. I liked your choice of writing to. It was really neat to see someone describing adventure and exploration.

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