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Poet X poem analysis

The poem I am reciting is called Whispering With Caridad Later That Day, written by Elizabeth Acevedo. The theme is lust and shame because Xiomara is telling Caridad about a boy she likes in school and Caridad is shaming her for lusting.

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Caridad has been taught that lusting is bad and that she should wait for marriage but Xiomara goes against this because she has found a boy. Xiomara is trying to tell Caridad that it is ok and normal for a girl to lust and that it is natural. Caridad disagrees and wants to follow what the church and her family have taught her.

Letter to Arthur

Dear Arthur,

    How is life going? Personally I have been doing very well lately in school and outside of school in general. I am happy with my grades, and I am happy with how I have done on most of the assignments. I hope you are doing well in school. Are you reading any books at the moment? Right now I am reading a great book in English class called Poet X.


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My Passion

Caleb Fehm


Why Drawing is a Great Passion

CF88291C-5C75-4F0F-B61A-D080FD2D859B“Only passions, great passions, can elevate the souls to great things”
-Denis Diderot

    Completing a piece that you can look back at and enjoy is the most amazing and indescribable feeling. A passion is when you feel a strong and barely controllable emotion towards something that truly intrigues you. Outside of sports, art in the form of drawing is definitely a major passion of mine. Not only does drawing Intrigue me but the people around me and I truly enjoy the process. It has so many positive effects on your life and it’s also a great way to spend your free time.


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The Repetition of Life

The Repitition of Life


By Caleb Fehm

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday…                                                                                            The weekend is here and it passes by like a ferocious cheetah chasing a deer,                                      Monday goes slow like an old tortoise,                                                                                                               Tuesday Is here and its long like a snake that slithers, slowly, and softly                                                 Wednesday is here and it's stressful like an exam you haven’t studied for,                                                     “Life is short” they say, but this is only true because all of the time you spend, you are doing the things you don't enjoy and wont ever remember so that you will have a better life later on.                                     But the truth is that as we get older we enjoy many things less and less                                                          You will look back and realize it was more important to bond with your family or friends rather than spending all night studying for a math test,                                                                                                      Repeat, repeat, and repeat is how life works in this age of time,                                                                       From young to old people are having their life taken away from them like repetition is a time theft that won't let you experience the things you love and let your true character shine. so when I grow up I will make sure my life is nobody’s but mine.