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Poet X poem analysis

Letter to Arthur

Dear Arthur,

    How is life going? Personally I have been doing very well lately in school and outside of school in general. I am happy with my grades, and I am happy with how I have done on most of the assignments. I hope you are doing well in school. Are you reading any books at the moment? Right now I am reading a great book in English class called Poet X.


     Poet X is a great book by Elizabeth Acevedo. It is about a girl named Xiomara that takes on more and more challenges as her body begins to mature. The book is written in verse meaning that it is written with poems with each “chapter” being a new poem. The book is relatively short due to the fact that it is written in poems, sometimes a Haiku will take up an entire page. But, the poem is about 361 pages so it makes up for the “word loss”. Poet X has won multiple awards for the writer's ability to move the reader in a way that makes them want to stand up for what she says. Some of the awards that the book has won are the National Book Award, the Pura Belpre Award, and the Michael L. Printz award.

    So far I have read 60 pages and I believe that this is a great book. It has truly moved me and I find it much more enjoyable to be reading a series of poems rather than hundreds of paragraphs. This is because poems find a way to get to the reader's head using emotion and in my opinion poems are just more fun to read and understand. Xiomara, the main character, is learning what it's like to be a grown woman throughout the book. She wrote about how the first time she had her period and the shock she was in. She also talked about boys and how she has to learn to defend herself as a grown woman. This is because many males are starting to look at her sexually and become overly obsessed with her body.

    One of the poems in the book that really brought my attention to it was called Church Mass. It shows that Xiomara's experience with church truly differs as she becomes a woman. It also shows the boundaries that the church provides for her as a woman and judgment that comes with it.

Its when father sean starts talking about scriptures that everything inside of me feels like a too-full, too-dirty kitchen sink.

    This block quote shows how Xiomara is feeling in church. The Church is always telling Xiomara what to do and what to not do. “when I’m told not to be like Delilah, Lot's wife, Eve.” This is a perfect example of the woman that she is told not to be like. she just wants to be herself and the church is forcing her to be the perfect woman.“To make me feel so small” and “when I’m told to have faith” are examples that support this because they show how Xiomara is always being told to be different.

    Hopefully nobody has ever told you to be different because it is your choice for what you want to be. I hope you get the message and understand what I’m tryin to say. It is a great book that maybe when you get a little older you can read. I hope you have a great Halloween and I hope you’ve got a nice custom picked out. I heard halloween is well celebrated in Belgium so you must be getting lots of candy. Hopefully this Christmas you’ll get some good snow instead of that record breaking rain.


Caleb Fehm


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