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Why Drawing is a Great Passion

CF88291C-5C75-4F0F-B61A-D080FD2D859B“Only passions, great passions, can elevate the souls to great things”
-Denis Diderot

    Completing a piece that you can look back at and enjoy is the most amazing and indescribable feeling. A passion is when you feel a strong and barely controllable emotion towards something that truly intrigues you. Outside of sports, art in the form of drawing is definitely a major passion of mine. Not only does drawing Intrigue me but the people around me and I truly enjoy the process. It has so many positive effects on your life and it’s also a great way to spend your free time.


    drawing is something that I enjoy and do not feel eager to finish the second I start it. When I am drawing I do feel stressed about anything, I can just pick up a pencil and start drawing and stop whenever I want to. Ever since I was very young I have been drawing. I used to love drawing characters with powers or magical creatures. Through these experiences I began to grow skills that I didn’t even know I was gaining. By the time I was nine I had matured enough to start drawing realism, still lifes, and portraits of people and animals. I have enjoyed drawing even as a young kid that just wanted to fool around and play sports.

    The experience of drawing well at a young age and knowing that nobody else could do this felt great. Drawing is a skill not many people have. Many people believe that drawing takes talent and you have to be born with it. Although some of that might be true, drawing is something you simply have to practice to get better at. Many people do not understand this and that is why drawing is an uncommon skill. 

    Drawing is also a very underrated skill because it can be used for many things. Drawing can be used to make money, to raise fame, to grow other skills, and to enjoy. Using drawing to make. Money isn’t a great way of making money but it can definitely be helpful at times. Drawing raises skills such as many other forms of art, hand-eye coordination, focusing skills, and patience. These are all great things that come from drawing. Most importantly though, drawing is a great way to enjoy yourself and express your emotion on a piece of paper. It is probably the best way possible to show what you feel and explain something in a way that words can’t.

    There is truly nothing bad about drawing. It is just an amazing hobby that you can enjoy and know that you are growing during every second of it. I feel extremely lucky to have such an amazing skill and hopefully everyone has a passion like mine that they love just as much as I do.



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Evren Khan

I liked how you really expressed how writing made you feel. It was nice to see how easily you could get lost into your writing, and how much you enjoy it. Really good job!

Zach Zipoli

I like how while saying drawing is your favorite passion you were also telling people that drawing is good and they should do it as well. I like how you told how drawing made you feel.

Jake Fahey

I liked how detailed you are about the process of making a piece that you can look back at. As well as how you go into detail the mental part of making a drawing. Overall great job

Jacoby Garber

I like how direct you were with reader. I also enjoyed how you brought in your emotions about art. I am not so artistic my self, but I will have to start practicing.

Thomas Doherty

I really like how you were describing drawing. You didn’t make it boring and you really went into detail. I don’t know if the photo is one of your drawings but if it is great job and even if it isn’t this was a great essay to read!


I like your quote a lot and I like how you are patient with your drawings. Very interesting topic, good job.

Max Yerid

That first sentence. The whole reason I love drawing and building legos and such is because of that reason. I can show the fruits of my labor. You have a few capitalization mishaps, but other than that, this is a very great essay with a theme that gets hammered into the reader within the first few sentences.

Jason Xing

I like how you told us why you enjoyed writing. Then you went into detail on some of the things you liked to draw.

Max Burgess

You really hammered home your love for drawing. I hope I can be as passionate about something as you one day. Other than a few small punctuation errors, it was great!

Charlie Hood

The passion that you feel for drawing really comes across when reading this, it’s clear drawing is special to you. I also really like how persuaded the reader to draw. Overall great job!

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