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November 2021

The Power Of Place


A simple chair


“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places”

-Camille Pissarro

The most important places will give you a comforting nostalgia that brings happiness. I’ve had almost everything in my house changed due to many renovations. The only thing I have left from my old house is a chair. This chair has been in my house since the day I was born. In fact, I have pictures of myself as a baby sitting in it.


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The Power of Friendship

A true friend


“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out”

-Walter Winchell

Friendship is the most important life relationship. I didn't know until I was away from a friend that life can be so plain and grey without friendship. My friend has been there my whole life. Right down the street, in fact. I have spent thousands of hours with him and even through months of separation we still walk by each other and end up spending a whole day together.                         

       Probably one of my best friends, Luke has always been free and wanting to hang out. One summer, when I was at his house in Maine and it was after I had dropped my phone in the ocean—my only way of contacting my parents in private. I was pretty sad especially because I couldn’t use my phone during the night.

    The sky grew darker and I was directly in the middle of my stay in Maine. My phone had just fallen in the water and I felt sort of homesick after this. All of this sadness disappeared after I found myself getting launched into the air touching the sealing. We had a half-full blow up mattress and one person sat on one side and the other jumped up and landed on the other. This caused the person sitting down to be launched into the air and do a backflip, frontflip, or even touch the sealing. Although this was very dangerous, this was probably the most enjoyable experience I had that year and I almost killed myself laughing.

    I had just lost my phone to the ocean, but I didn't need my phone, all I needed was my friend and I had one of the best moments of my year with him after I had just lost my phone. He made me feel my best when I was at my worst. To this day I wish I could go back to that moment and spend that same week in Maine.

    Good friendship is so important because it adds brightness to your life and often leads you to a happier future. A good friend will always support you at your best, but more importantly at your worst.


The Power of Family


The only ones who risk it all


“the love of family is life’s greatest lesson”- Eva Burrows

No matter the setting, family is always there. When I was isolated from all of society it was my family that sacrificed their safety to make me feel comfortable. When no one in the world wanted to be 20 feet from me, my own family fed me and made sure that I was okay. They were there for me; they are always there for me. In early December of 2020 I got the horrible worldwide virus known as coronavirus. I wasn't terribly sick but my parents had to do so much to make sure everyone got tested, they changed all of their schedules, and they were there for me. Feeling hopelessness, fear, and horror as I got my results back on a Friday night. I felt frozen and I didnt know what was going to happen. One moment I was sitting in a chair relaxing and another I was only half alive. I thought about if I was going to die or if I would get my parents sick. I thought I was doomed and that I would be abandoned in my room for days. Little did I know even though I had put my parents through hell I was going to be ok. I even got my mom sick for a whole month and she took care of me. They were there for me throughout my terrible experience and eased the horror. Even when you could ruin your family’s life, a true family will sacrifice everything for you.