Poet X poem analysis
The Power of Friendship

The Power of Family


The only ones who risk it all


“the love of family is life’s greatest lesson”- Eva Burrows

No matter the setting, family is always there. When I was isolated from all of society it was my family that sacrificed their safety to make me feel comfortable. When no one in the world wanted to be 20 feet from me, my own family fed me and made sure that I was okay. They were there for me; they are always there for me. In early December of 2020 I got the horrible worldwide virus known as coronavirus. I wasn't terribly sick but my parents had to do so much to make sure everyone got tested, they changed all of their schedules, and they were there for me. Feeling hopelessness, fear, and horror as I got my results back on a Friday night. I felt frozen and I didnt know what was going to happen. One moment I was sitting in a chair relaxing and another I was only half alive. I thought about if I was going to die or if I would get my parents sick. I thought I was doomed and that I would be abandoned in my room for days. Little did I know even though I had put my parents through hell I was going to be ok. I even got my mom sick for a whole month and she took care of me. They were there for me throughout my terrible experience and eased the horror. Even when you could ruin your family’s life, a true family will sacrifice everything for you.


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Thomas Doherty

Amazing job Caleb. Great closing sentence really wrapped up the whole writing in a awesome way.

The Fenn Voice

This is superb. In a relatively brief paragraph, you do an amazing job of capturing the reality of living through the times of Covid with your family at your side.


Your concluding sentence wrapped up your paragraph in a very satisfying way. Overall, you did a great job explaining your experience.

Jake Fahey

Great Job! I liked how you showed how it was different having Covid with your family and with them on your side verse your family trying to be as far away as possible.

Eston Brainerd

Your first and last sentences really showed the true power of family. They tied in super well with the rest of the paragraph and it was really enjoyable to read.

Ethan Ali

You were very detailed and descriptive about a tough time in your life. You were able to capture your opening sentence well and really depict the power of family throughout your paragraph. Great work Caleb!

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