The Power of Friendship
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The Power Of Place


A simple chair


“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places”

-Camille Pissarro

The most important places will give you a comforting nostalgia that brings happiness. I’ve had almost everything in my house changed due to many renovations. The only thing I have left from my old house is a chair. This chair has been in my house since the day I was born. In fact, I have pictures of myself as a baby sitting in it.


        I have spent many hours on this chair at many different points in my life. It has been in almost every room in my house throughout my life. The best feeling is coming home from school and snuggling up in this chair with a blanket. It is a very comfortable chair too with a brown and fussy cover that is almost like a blanket underneath you. The cushioning is pretty nice with a very wide armchair and thick cushions. It has an interesting texture with lines of fur going down the chair. Even though it isn't the nicest chair it has a place in my heart because it has been in some of my earliest memories. These memories have been a big part of my life and the chair is part of them.                                                          

       One of these memories includes me sitting in it when I was only in kindergarten. I was reading a book on bugs and my brother went around to the other side and tipped the chair over. I don't remember being sad or mad because I didn't fall very hard and my little brother was younger than me and didn't know any better. I am still surprised that he could even tip that chair over. This made me laugh so hard for no reason. It is such a happy memory and it revolves around this chair. 

           Being around it or even sitting in it gives me a different type of nostalgia that makes me think through a different lense. It helps me think about how so much time has passed in my life, almost like the day that I entered kindergarten was last week. This just shows me that life does not last forever and before I know it I will be out of college having to form my own path. So I have to make the most of my life and not waste a second. This is why the chair gives me so much nostalgia.

       This one chair has brought me so much happiness. I hope most people have a place in their life that does not have great value to the world around them, but incredible value to themselves because it brings back the great joy of the past. 






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