A Summer Day

What do basketball loving kids do in the summer 

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You can’t win unless you learn to lose.

Kareem Abdul Jaarbar 

One hot glistening summer day, Me and my friend John were walking. “ John, how hot was the gym.” “ It must have been 120 degrees.” Well afternoon long and dry walk me and John got to his house. And John with no time said “ RUN” and we both started running. We ran fast and far away from his house. I asked him what happened...

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Pay the College Athletes

It's Only Fair

What do you think of when you see a college? A thriving place where the next generation lies. No, most student athletes come from torn up homes and neighborhoods and this is their only way out. With the growing attention they get the people tearing up their homes will threaten their families. But if the colleges or the NCAA paid them they could move their families to a better place and there are so many upsides.


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Letter to a Friend

Dear Chris

It has been a while since we played basketball together. I hope we can run som games and cook them. I mean since we have last played i am almost able to dunk.     and if you get this tell me what is new about you and your basketball team and new things you have learned.

But all getting to talk again i have a English assigned that requires me to send a letter to you about a book. This book i bet you have never heard of. I mean that this man is a part time Indian but he is a disgrace to them. And this mans book is banned in some library’s. The book is call The Absolute Diary of a Part Time Indian.

The book it is good. It starts out with the introduction to the main character. He has parents that love him and they are like all the other Indians on the reservation they are super alcoholics. I mean they sometimes kill each other for the last drop of any alcohol. The main character Junior is a young and is ready for a challenge. So he is going to the Rez school which isn’t good. And then his grandmother tells him to go to a better school.

Junior tryout for the basketball team.  And some how he makes the the varsity team as a freshman. And all he says is that he is only a shooter. He than goes on to how he plays against his home town team. And then gets hit by many objects from the stands. So this fathers fired helps him with his injury’s. And perseveres through the inside the and was able to come back and bets them with a play. So this is what are the main things that happen.

“I’d never guessed I’d be a good basketball player.” This quote refers to when he was talking about when he playing and started for a varsity team as a freshman. This quotes also shows that even if you doing think you can achieve something then you got to keep ion trying to get it don’t give up and think it will come to you. Joint here guessed he was good but by trying out he made the varsity team and become a starter. This is very hard and he worked to get it. So this little quote may mean that it he wasn’t good but he was better than he thought and worked harder.