Big Impact

The Power of Friendship

The help a friend needed 

The power or community comes together in ways that help kids grow, learn, and get through tough times together. My basketball team has been together for five years.  We came together for basketball but became fronts and off the court too.  Our biggest fans and coaches  were parents.  That was our little community.

In 7th grade, we came together to help a friend with a killer injury.  Chris was one who tore his ACL that prevented him from playing the entire season.  He needed 2 surgeries.  

Even though he was injured that did not stop him from cheering for us at our games and practice.  When Chris was able to stand on his 2 feet without crutches, we did work out with him and even hosted basketball parties for him to play a little bit.  The progress he made off-the-court over the season was amazing. He was able to play in some pick up games in the summer with us. We were happy to see him the next year eager and ready to play.  

But back to 7th grade.  The start to our season was rough. We couldn't find a way to get around missing Chris.  We had a bad start to our season. We had to rally, this would make him feel better and it would make us feel better. We tried off the court to help him by playing online games with him to help him feel included. When he was able to walk he was trying to get back to his old self, and with this we felt better. 

Our 7th grade season ended with a bang. We were underdogs coming into the playoffs. Our first games were against 3 teams that we lost to during the season. We beat them all. Next was Bedford, they beat us pretty good in the season. Our entire community came together to watch us play, all the parents came with some friends and the entire girls team came to watch us. Chris came and sat on our bench in his full uniform. This game was big, in the end we blew them out by 20 points on their cour.  Our entire community rushed the floor to congratulate us. 

In the end our playoffs were cut short by COVID, ending our chance to win the championship. The power of our community helped us get there.  Our entire road to the playoffs started with Chris getting hurt, the middle was tough but with the power of our community it had a happy ending.


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