Tradition Narrative Paragraph

A Waste of Time

            Time is precious, don’t waste it. I have had many experiences where I have squandered the small amount of time that I have been given. A particular memory that sticks out to me was in 4th grade when I was writing the second half of my fiction story to be entered into the Travers Writing Prize Competition. The story was dystopian, and mimicked many of the young adult books that had been coming out at the time. This meant that naturally it was outlandish, and I had fun with it. When I was about halfway through I started to get slightly off track, my story went more and more off the rails. It started to lose direction as new characters kept joining at the point when the story should have been slowly ending. It wasn’t until I had written 1,000 words over two days that I realized that my entire story had lost its purpose. I spent so much time writing but I hadn’t spent enough time thinking and reflecting on how my story would shape out. I decided I would have to completely re-write the second part of my story, changing everything I had worked on. Losing something that you have spent so much time on is devastating, but sometimes it is necessary to step backwards to step forwards. Since then I have also learned to pace myself while writing, and to thinking and plan before jumping into a piece. I ended up winning the Travers Writing Prize, even after I had re-written the entire second part of the story. Sometimes the only way to build something well is to destroy it and start over