The Call Of The Wild Literary Analysis
The Power of Hard Times

Power of Place


The home outside your home


“Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.” - Abraham Lincoln


Certain places can have special emotions attached to them. For me, that place is on my porch overlooking Quissett harbor. It doesn’t matter if I’m reading a book, talking to someone, or just lost in my own thoughts, there is no where more comfortable. It’s old creaky boards squeak under the pressure of my rocking chair, but I pay no mind because I’m deep in a book. The wind gently pushes ripples in the harbor, a sailboat drifts by. This place is the perfect place for me to center my mind and to be alone with my thoughts. Sometimes I sit there quietly before I go to a regatta, or before I go out into 20 knot winds, gusting to 35. The power of this place is in its tranquility and calmness, I can lay for hours on the hammock, with nothing but the sound of it rocking, it’s one of my favorite ways to calm down and find myself during the summer.  Everyday I eat my lunch on that porch, letting the sun rays hit me, there’s nothing better. It’s like my hiatus from the rest of the world, it’s my escape during the busy summer days. It’s important to find a place that you truly love, so that you have a hideout and somewhere to gather your thoughts. On that porch is my office, it’s where I make decisions and think. I’ve read countless books and learned so much in that very special place. Other people may not understand the significance to me, but I will never forget those creaky floor boards and the sun-washed wood