The Power of Hard Times
A Waste of Time




The structure of your life. As a teenager, it feels like you’re all on your own, but you’re nothing without your parents. Even though it doesn’t feel like it, every moment of your day from when you wake up to when your head hits your pillow is all due to your parents. Not just because they  work hard to give you a home, but also because they are your emotional support, what you fall back on. They take your side and defend you on anything, your parents are an endless supply of support and unconditional love. When you’re in trouble or aren’t doing well, your parents are always on your side, even if it doesn’t feel that way. Thanksgiving is a time to give back to those who care for you. In the holiday season it’s easy to get lost in the presents, candies, trees, lights, and nutcrackers, so it is important to take a step back sometimes. Thanksgiving is a chance to be truthful and loving without giving presents or sitting under a tree. Thanksgiving is that under appreciated holiday that we always forget how much we value until we get a chance to give thanks. I would like to start the Thanksgiving season by thanking my mom for her endless amounts of support for me and my siblings. I would like to thank my mom for her kindness and the amount of love that she gives to the world. So, on thanksgiving, turn off your phone, be present, and give thanks for all the amazing things that the world gives you. Sometimes you need to step back and reflect to step forward and do.