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A Child’s Christmas In Wales Literary Analysis

Tradition Narrative Paragraph


“FFTradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.”
Gustav Mahler


Tradition is something that is completely natural and can’t be artificially created. I enjoy traditions because they are based on connections and memories you have had over the years. One of my favorite traditions in my family is how we celebrate Christmas in our household. All of our family and friends have a great time as we celebrate Christmas together. 

My dad is Jewish, so it’s not as much a religious celebration as it is a celebration of another year in the books, and a new one to come. There isn’t any gift giving, just catching up on people’s lives. Our Christmas Eve celebration is an anomaly among the business of modern life. We sit down at the table and eat steak, béarnaise sauce, asparagus, and the tables are decked out with all the Christmas candy you could imagine. People who want to get a chance to stand up and give a toast, and show their appreciation for friends and family. I love this tradition because it also puts me in the perfect mood for Christmas. I have a pretty average Christmas, but I think we like to focus on the family aspect over the presents. When we wake up, we don’t rush downstairs and open presents, we first make cups of coffee and make sure everyone’s awake. We open presents one by one while hugging and thanking whoever gave the gift. My Christmas is really special to my family because to a time to be close, to talk, and to spend time together.

Outside of just the religious aspect, Christmas is an amazing opportunity to focus on what really matters in life. The traditions my family has built around Christmas is what makes it so special to us. Traditions are reinforced through love, family, and the bond of memories