Senior Year (Writing Like Herman Melville)
Moby Dick Podcast

My WW Fenn Piece

My poem is one of the most classic and popular poetic pieces of all time. It describes the biggest question that humanity has always had; life, or death. To be, or not to be, to exist, or to have no bearings. The piece thoroughly explains the ins and outs of the human condition in its strive for success in the world at the price of pain. It is a focal part of the story of Hamlet, and gives off an emotion so real that people still reference the poem hundreds of years later. I like this piece not only because I enjoy Hamlet, but also because I think it is profound, and is easy to give meaning to in a setting like the WW Fenn Speaking Contest. The piece is so confounded that it almost feels like over doing it to give it any extra emotion. The only catch is that the piece is extremely hard to remember and present without tripping over my own words. It is required that all the words are annunciated clearly and concisely to give the listener a true representation of what it means. I hope to show the work at have put into mastering this literary genius on Friday. The WW Fenn Speaking Contest drums up a lot of anxiety for many people, including me. I am not someone who enjoys speaking in public, though purely because I am afraid of making a fool of myself. I hope to do as best as I can on this contest, but would rather not have to perform my piece in front of the whole school, especially when everyone expects a perfect performance from a ninth grader. Though my piece is short and doesn’t look like much, I think it packs just as much of a literary punch as any of the other much denser pieces.