if every word was a note
Walden Essay #1

Crows And Swallows

The first poem I read was The Night is Too Perfect. The poem details a perfect night, followed by the next morning when he will have to clean up after himself, reminding him of the enjoyment of the previous night. I can strongly relate to this. My family hosts Christmas Eve every year, and we absolutely love to do it, but the next morning we have to clean all the dishes and are reminded of the fun night we had. The second poem I read was I wonder if this rain I enjoyed this poem because it looked on the bright side of an otherwise melancholy day. It sees rain not as a sad thing, but as a cleansing and preparing for a new day. The last poem I read was The fire still smolders. I especially enjoyed this poem because it reminded me of quiet nights with no one to accompany me but the crackling of a fire. It goes into amazing detail that I could only dream of achieving in my poetry. I really like Emily Dickinson’s style of poetry and I am excited to try it out.