Walden Essay #1
Walden Writing Prompt #3

Haikus of Seasons



The smell of mud

The taste of humid air

Fond memories linger


young morning awaits

step outside to reveal

the warm spring day


The first birds chirp

Thaws the snow 

And warms the heart


The floors bloom

Brightens the world

And is extinguished 


These ones are probably my worst ones. I enjoyed making them but they are clearly some of the worst ones that I posted. I barely added any special elements or my own experiences. The rest is much better.



Calloused feet

Calloused hands

Why so many callouses


Blazing sun

Lapping waves

I have a callous


Time flies by

But memories of summer

Slow it down


A summers night 

Is like a clear kiss

From Mother Nature 


This one I experimented with some more comical poems and I also used a bit of metaphors. I enjoyed making these ones more nonetheless.



Leaves fall

But my spirits

Will not today


Fall reminds me

Of the briefness of life

To be snuffed out


Orange red yellow

The colors of a 

New world to come


Fall is like an

Ocean wave lapping

Bringing new life


I liked these ones more, I felt like it came from my heart a lot more. Unfortunately I don’t like Fall very much so the poems didn’t mean as much to me.




The quietness of winter

Suffocation leads to

Absolute coziness


Winter is like a sled dog

Pulling with all it’s might

But succumbing to nature


Each snowflake

Is as unique as the

last falling crystal


The first winters snow

Brings the endless quiet

By a warm fire


I think the winter ones are my best. I love the Winter and I also used metaphors and I tried to have a slight twist. I really enjoyed my last poem as I used narrowing and expanding, as contrasted the first massive snow with the small warm fire.