Walden Writing Prompt #4
Power of Place #2

Nature Reflection Paragraph

Nature is like an orchestra of the most finely tuned and best musicians in the world. Every component has one job and comes together to create the most amazing miracle of a symphony. As I walk around my quiet neighborhood, with trees overhead and grass under my feet, I like for the subtleties in nature. The newly bloomed flower, the young doe peeking through the brush, the large tree finally sprouting new leaves. It’s easy to marvel at the vastness of nature, but it’s much easier to miss the little things that keep the entire thing together. Like the lone drummer keeping the beat, or the single violinist playing the high note. As I turn the corner to wk back to my house, I reflect on how I’m not adapted to living in a concrete box, and I really only feel at home in nature. Though I must return from this break from modern life, to resume the eternal hustle.