Nature Reflection Paragraph
Luke First Sonnet

Power of Place #2

Every place has a distinct feeling created by memories attached to them. For me (without sounding like I’m brown nosing) it is Fitz’s classroom.  Fitz’s classroom is a symbol for the 9th grade, a symbol of freedom, learning, and everything it means to be a Fenn boy. As you step in the classroom you are greated with a wall of guitars and Fitz sitting the back of the room, probably fiddling with a guitar or an old microphone. I think people don’t realize the significance of the place that they are in. There could be 1000 years of history in the place you stand, but you would have no way of knowing it. Fitz’s classroom is one of those places. Thousands of poems, millions of words all thrown together as an experiment of learning the English language. Fitz’s room holds a significance to those who truly enjoy writing and reading, not only because it is comfortable, but it feels like it is at the center of the school, making it a perfect place to find ideas and to be inspired. My favorite memory’s in Fitz’s classroom aren’t the ones where I had a ton of fun or ate a bunch of food, they’re the ones where I was able to sit down and somehow put 1,000 words on a a page in an hour. It’s a room that has the ability to turn you into a writing genius even if you had the most busy and tiring day. You walk in, you get briefed by Fitz, and then you lay down on one of the couches or sit in one of the chairs and get to work. Most people may not be able to relate to this, but if you ever entered Fitz’s room, you’d understand.