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May 2019

Fenn Speaks: Fitz

I am You, and You are me...

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Give a damn & figure it out


     I feel like one of my students: it’s the night before my big presentation at All-school-meeting, and I still don’t know what I am going to talk about. I just know I am supposed to talk about me...

That’s pretty scary for me because, well, I’m me. At any given time I know myself too well, and at other times I’m like, who is this guy? 

I’m the guy whose socks probably don’t match, and one of my socks is on onside out.

I’m the guy whose engine warning light in my van was probably on the whole way to school--and I never noticed.

I’m the guy who forgot to post an assignment on Fenn.org and his students are plotting a revolution and mass protest.

I’m the guy who tries to be a teacher--and so he is...

So, how does one start something like this?

I am John Fitzsimmons, and let me tell you about me...

(No--way to vain and presumptuous)

Hi, I’m Fitz, and I may be old, but I’m slow...
(No--you are not here to hear the truth)

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