Miles Fritz


All Quiet Essay

While reading this book, I have learned a few lessons about life that are important. First, I learned that I obviously have a pretty easy life compared to what these men had to go through. To be more specific, I have learned that there are many ways to view death depending on what someone’s life is like. I have also learned that friends are not necessarily more distant than family in your life. I have put things into perspective and realized that I spend more time with my classmates and friends than my family.


Life always gives you signs to give up. In the book, All Quiet on the Western Front, The “Dying room” represents all hope being taken away from the soldiers. The dying room is well known by the soldiers to be a place that nobody returns from. If you are sent to the dying room there is no return. In chapter 10, Kropp and Paul are wounded and Kropp expressed that he would rather kill himself than go to the dying room. Again beds are empty. Day after day goes by with pain and fear, groans and death gurgles. Even the death room is no use anymore, it is too small… This represents the fear and doubt created when a soldier is told he will go to the dying room. There is a feeling of no control and they know there is nothing they can do. It is the moments before death that scare them. Not death itself. In addition, the quote mentions that there was no difference between the dying room or any other place because death is everywhere. To conclude, losing hope isn’t always a feeling. In this story, it lies within a room.


Bad moments create bonds with the people you experience them with. In the book, All Quiet on the Western Front, The “Dying room” represents all hope being taken away from the soldiers. Throughout the story, Paul becomes closer and closer with his fellow soldiers until they become like his family. It takes Paul a while to realize this but when he does he is accepting of it. On page 156, Paul acknowledges how he feels being home. He is clearly confused and feeling the difference between how his home used to feel and how it feels now. I lean against the wall and grip my helmet and rifle. I hold them as tight as I can, but I cannot take another step, the staircase fades before my eyes, I support myself with the butt of my rifle against my feet and clench my teeth fiercely, but I cannot speak a word, my sisters call has made me powerless, I can do nothing, I struggle to make myself laugh, to speak, but no word comes, so I stand on the steps, miserable, helpless, paralyzed, and against my will the tears run down my cheeks.This represents that it took some confrontation at his home for Paul to realize what his new family was. After seeing his sick mother and feeling like a stranger to his own home town, Paul knows that he will never be the same and the blinds he has created are unbreakable. In conclusion, family isn’t always more important than friends. A brotherhood can be just as important as family.

The thing that makes this book most worthwhile is not the story, but the lesson you learn from it.


The Power of Diversity
~Miles Fritz
Being different makes a difference.

“The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before.”
~Albert Einstein

I am not what most people would call diverse at first sight. I am a tall, straight, white male. Not exactly very different from my surroundings. As a 14-year-old athlete, I believe that diversity is a critical part of improving as a person and athlete. As well as becoming more disciplined and humble.

If you go on your phone and search for a pro athlete talking about how to make it to the league. Most of them will tell you that you have to be diverse. They will say things like “Be different.” Or, “Work while they sleep.” These types of principles are ones that I have tried to adapt into my life. How can I better myself every day? Current Celtics player Marcus Smart once told me, “Five minutes every day. That’s all it takes to improve yourself.” To say that working for only five minutes every day will improve you long-term as an athlete would be misleading and just plain false. However, I think it speaks for itself in a way that shows someone that they should find a way to at least improve themselves by a little bit every day. If that becomes a habit, you become motivated to work longer and harder for a continuous period.

If you are average then you are setting yourself up for an average future and lifestyle. It’s important to remember that nobody is better at motivating you but yourself. If you can put yourself in the right mindset daily. I find that if you can be productive immediately when you get out of bed, you are setting yourself up for success in the day. Making my bed or brushing my teeth are both simple tasks that Help me be prepared for a productive day. My goal is to play sports at the highest level in life. I know that to get to that point I have to continue to work hard and improve and be diverse.

Being diverse isn’t just about race, sexual orientation, or religion. It is about changing your life for a different experience and outcome than most other people. Being diverse is a special thing.

Super Bowl Contenders

In the NFL there is a big difference between the best team and the #1 Super Bowl contender. In my opinion, 5 teams could potentially end the season with the Lombardi Trophy. 4 of them, are legitimate contenders. And the last is an honorable mention.



1: Kansas City Chiefs: Probably the most obvious choice here. The chiefs are hungry. After a huge loss in the Super Bowl last year, you can expect the Chiefs to be poised for nothing short of another Super Bowl run. The roster speaks for itself, the most fire-powered offense in the NFL with an explosive pass game and a reliable run game. Along with a defense that continues to improve and is now above average. Be prepared for a BOOM in Kansas City this year.

2: Tampa Bay Buccaneers: It’s hard to place any other teams above the defending champions. In Tampa Bay, you find arguably the best all around team in our league. The best receiving core, a top 10 offense in running efficiency, and a great defense. Until Tom Brady shows any signs of slowing down, I wouldn’t bet against another Super Bowl in Tampa.


3: Los Angeles Rams: Most will be surprised by this pick. However, I think this is the perfect spot for the Rams. You could argue that there are only a few defensive players that change your whole offensive game plan. The Rams have two. Jalen Ramsey and Aaron Donald have proved to be the two best defensive players in the league. With Jalen Ramsey in coverage, offenses are forced to look away from their #1 receiver because Ramsey will lock them down all night long. But teams can’t rely on the run game against the Rams either, Aaron Donald is a one-man wrecking crew and can be counted on for 1 or 2 sacks on a nightly basis. But it doesn’t stop here. The Rams have a new guy under center. Matthew Stafford has spent countless years carrying the Lions’ bad offense on his shoulders. Now, Stafford has weapons and an opportunity to show that he’s an elite quarterback. The rams are extremely dangerous on both sides of the ball.


4: Green Bay Packers: There isn’t much explanation for the Packers as to why they continue to crack under pressure. It’s hard to put any other teams above the Packers on this list because it is such a talented team. If the Packers can make it out of the NFC championship, I think they will end up with a Super Bowl. The only question is if they can make it there. Rodgers needs to be a leader in the playoffs and their defense needs to get more stops.


1: Buffalo Bills: Certainly a talented roster that can compete with anyone. However I do not see them making a Super Bowl. Josh Allen is a young stud who will see many wins as a Buffalo Bill. But they are too inexperienced to beat the Chiefs.


Haikus for seasons


The leaves fall

The air chills

Summer is gone


~ Miles Fritz


When you adjust to a life

Where things are easy

You will receive an awakening

~ Miles Fritz


As it begins

Life changes

But the weather doesn’t budge


~ Miles Fritz



A few months per year

You can feel the sadness

Floating in the air


~ Miles Fritz



Lights keep the world going

Through every window

There is joy


~ Miles Fritz



You can’t help but wake up

The gleam of new snow

Peircing your tired eyes


~ Miles Fritz



After months of death

It seems the world is awake

From the chrips of brids


~ Miles Fritz



Green is showing

Your mood feels green

Just like the grass


~ Miles Fritz



The water warms up

Fish start to feed

The river wakes up

~ Miles Fritz



Not a care in the world

The only thing on your mind

is the ocean


~ Miles Fritz



A years long wait

has all payed off

the weight is off your shoulders.


~ Miles Fritz



As you fall

You think about where you are

The only worry is the height


~ Miles Fritz

Who Are the Contenders of the NBA?






It is definitely a large topic of conversation around the league. Who is really a championship contender and why? There are no wrong answers. However, there are definitely right answers. The first team you are going to think of when you think of a championship contender will be the LA Lakers. The defending champs have two incredible, unique, strong and talented players in LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Along with some crucial defensive pieces such as Montrezl Harrell, and Dennis Shrouder. The team oís currently 3rd in the west due to losing six out of their last eight games. Although it’s not what it seems. The champs have been missing Anthony Davis, their start power forward who puts up 22.8 points, 8.4 rebounds and 2 blocks a game. When AD comes back, I wouldn’t bet on many more Laker losses. Obviously, then there’s LeBron. Arguably the greatest athlete in the history of the world. He certainly is the X-factor for this team and will be more than partially responsible if they win back-to-back titles.


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What’s with the negativity towards DK Metkalf?



In just his 2nd year in the leauge, DK Metkalf is already one of the most hated on players in the NFL. He is often criticized for his dropped passes and lack of quickness in his route running. At this point, you are often protested against if you say DK is a top 10 receiver.

    So how bad is DK really? Well, the answer is not bad at all. The 6’4, 230 pound freak has taken the league by storm in his second year. He finished the season with 83 catches for 1,303 yards and 10 receiving touchdowns. He is also one of the fastest receivers in the NFL even with his giant frame. DK Metkalf started receiving criticism when the Seahawks, who were looking like a super bowl caliber team, started to lose some games. On November 15th, the Rams beat the Seahawks 23-16. The Seahawks offense was nearly dysfunctional due to Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey putting DK on lock. Metkalf received tons of criticism for not being able to produce against the best corner in the league. In perspective, Jalen Ramsey shut down most of the leauges best receivers such as Deandre Hopkins, and Devante Adams. NFL fans need to realize that the drops are a very fixable thing for DK and the leauge should be prepared for the 23-year-old who will not be falling off anytime soon.

The positives of Trey Lance.


The New England Patriots should draft Trey Lance with their first round pick this year. There are many reasons I have to back this up but I will just list three of them. Trey Lance is by far the most accurate quarterback in this draft class and with all of the uncertainty around the receiveing core this year, an accurate passer is the safest option. Secondly, Trey Lance is very mobile and throughout all of Cam Newtons struggles this year, one thing he always seemed to flourish in was the running game so the offense knows how to operate around fast guys like Cam and Trey. Lastly, Trey Lance’s biggest weakness is is ability to pass inside the pocket and that is possibly the easiest thing to develop and coach around for a quarterback so it is definitely something Bill Belichick could fix in a matter of time.