Person Memoir

Person Memoir

My Childhood Friend: Uncle Liu


“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”


The meaning of life is not about how much achievement and money you derive, or having some expensive items. Our life is often valuable when we encounter someone you love and respect. Only if we find someone who are worth to cherish can we fulfill our life. Otherwise, our life is meaningless. In my life, I’ve encounter a lot of person, teachers, students, relatives and family. However, Uncle Liu, a former “big friend” of mine who was picking me up to school and home every day, He is only 5.3 ft with a bald head, but he has a strong body.  In my eyes, he was not only a driver, but he was my childhood mentor who taught me how to play soccer, how to swim, how to climb trees, how to run fast and how to self defend. He stood out when I got scorned by higher grade students in Chinese public school and he comforted me when I failed math test. 

I still remember the scene of that day, a warm current cut through the murky sky and fall in my heart. I came down from uncle Liu’s car and walked along the street to reach my apartment. However, the only thing I saw was a blank of darkness, there was no light around at all. Thinking of I was only eleven years old, the fear was definitely in my mind. Uncle Liu realized that, and turned his car and faced to my way, that way the light on his car was able to shine towards me and therefore I can see the road clearly. I kept walking on the street, as time ran by, the warm current was like a tight rope that bundled me up, I was touched. I realized that a minimal effort done by someone may be extremely helpful to others.

Uncle Liu has just passed sixty, but he still keeps a strong and healthy body. He would go to gym every week and insist on doing lifting, running, and jumping. Sports day of my school was gradually coming and I was planning to do 400meters race. Whereupon, uncle Liu took me to gym every day and bind the sandbag with fifteen kg on my ankles. I started to go home by running after school, uncle Liu would watch me until I arrive home. I was wondering, “Uncle, don’t you want to go home, why would you staying with me.” Uncle Liu smiled, “Well, Going home is not as fun as training you.” 

After a year, everyone in my grade (400 people) know uncle Liu, I remember the “goods” he gave me, I also remember the days he sacrifice his rest time to train with me, and I still remember the childhood he accompanied with me. 

Those are some memories, happiness, experience, which a person won’t forget. 

Soccer Season

The Beauty of Soccer

Who do you play for? EACH OTHER!

-- Star


With the ringing out of the last whistle from the referee in Eaglebrook tournament. Fenn varsity soccer officially ended. At that second, I recalled the whole experience of playing soccer at Fenn…


 “I don’t know what the soccer season going to be like this year at Fenn.” I remembered I stared at my soccer shoes and told myself in the locker room. As a new student and senior, this is my first “soccer career” at Fenn and the last one. My teammates are all skillful and talented with no fear. As the biggest guy of the team, I noticed that the heavy responsibility that I will take. Big kicks, header, Marking the best forward of the opponent team…However, the thing that I really enjoying in is the soccer spirit and the kindness of Mr. Star, our coach at Fenn.


From the point of a few little detail, Fenn's sportsmanship is the best of all schools. The virtue of Fenn is incomparable. Never arguing with referees, going to congrats the goalie right after the game, saying “good luck” to the opponent team from coaches when starting, shouting out the opponent school name after the game…Those little details are all composed in my eye. On the field, we never give up the ball and play as the hardest as we can, just because our sonority slogan, “ Who do you play for, each other!” Yes, we were playing for each other. When one feels tired and can’t run anymore, we always heads up again because this phrase kept in our mind.


Mr. Star, probably the best soccer coach I had every seen. On the field, he is always the loudest and the person worried the most. He always think we lose the game not because we didn't play well, but not coaching well. Of course, he made us run frequently and got pissed off our practice play every single time. However, we still gave us the best respect to him. At one practice, the weather was freezing, I was trembling with my freezing body. When mr. Star saw me, he asked, “You cold?” I responded, “Yes coach.” Then, he took out his jacket right away and put it on me. He then said, “You know this is the biggest difference between me and other coaches. Stay warm!” He walked away afterward. From this little action. It embodied the demeanor of a good coach. I was extremely touched.


In my opinion, the spirit of a sport is always over the skill of it.


The Power of Tradition

The Power of Tradition

Chinese New Year


”In the sound of firecrackers, one year's spring breeze brings warmth to Tusu”

— Wang

     “Let burn joss sticks for worshipping first, and then buy the fireworks and dumpling wrappers”, such comfortable recalling words form my dad three years ago often ring in my ears, and the scene of celebrating the Spring Festival frequently leaps before my eyes.

     With thousands of years’ cultural sedimentation in China, the cultural traditions and festivals have come into existence, one of which is the Spring Festival. It's usually at the end of January or the beginning of February. It marks the beginning of the lunar year in China. 

     My family has many things to do to celebrate the Spring Festival. Before the Spring Festival, my family usually clean and decorate our houses and buy a lot of stuff, which is called “Nian Huo”, for celebrating the new year. On the eve of the Spring Festival, my father and I, a boy but not a girl, must have the red antithetical couplets on our doors in order to keep out evil spirits and welcome the good luck in the coming year. At eight o’clock on the eve evening, my family must get together to eat dumplings, which are made by ourselves. If someone is lucky enough to eat them only one dumpling with one coin, it symbolizes that he will make a big fortune in the new year. At midnight, with firecrackers shot off, there is a great feast for children, that is, “grab red envelops” where there is a different amount of lucky money usually from parents,grandparents or even great grandparents. We children all enjoy the very moment with excitement and expectation when opening the envelope to see how much money will be in it, regardless of little money or even there is no money in it. 

     Although celebrations of the Chinese New Year vary, the underlying message is that the Spring Festival should be an occasion for family reunions and the exchange of best wishes of the peace and happiness for the family members and friends. No matter where you are in the world, no matter who you are, no matter what you are doing, you should return your parents at home and get together with your friends during the festival. The world's largest human migration is underway in China when the new year is around the corner. We all share a common goal: to return home for the Spring Festival Chinese people value most. No amount of busywork is worth a blue train ticket or a plane ticket to home and a family reunion smile.

     I wish you warmth, peace and happiness, and all the joys of the New Year Spring Festival.

Have a Meal of Dumplings!


An incomparable dish in China

Soup dumplings, sitcoms, one-night stands--good ones leave you wanting more.

Eddie Huang

Picture this! A pot of a fragrant dumplings came out of the kitchen and put it on your table. You grab one and try to dip the dumpling in a little vinegar and mashed garlic. Then open your enormous mouth and put the dumpling in it. Now, close your eyes and feel the tasty stuffing in the dumpling as you chew it. “Ah!” the blazing dumpling is in your stomach fully right now, nothing left except a little hot gravy. Having the dinner with dumplings will be so great and all the stress of the day will disappear immediately. Additionally, if you share the dumplings with your family. That will be incomparable!

Dumplings is one of the traditional meals in China, it is also called the “Year Meal” Everyone in China will have dumplings at the New Year Eve to celebrate all the word people had done in the past year. Dumplings are kind of similar to the Chinese bread “Baozi” Their shape is similar but not the size and the way to cook them. Baozi usually cooked with steaming, but dumplings are cooked with hot water just like ramen. Therefore, the process of boiling dumplings is extremely simple and efficient. What’s more, if your family is boiling the dumplings together for dinner, how content it will be!

Dumplings are basically constituted by the different kinds of gravy, such as meat gravy, vegetable gravy... In order to make a dumpling, you have to roll the paste and hold the side of the paste. Then put the gravy inside of the paste and grab the four edges one different sides to one vertex. Using your full energy to pinch it. The dumpling will be made afterwards.

The dumplings are extremely mysterious and greasy. You may feel a dense of Chinese atmosphere if you have a meal of dumplings. Why don’t you try it now?


The Power of a Place


A small place can be the biggest in your mind

“Makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in this world.”

— Gustav Flaubert

A soccer field, a place allowing my little brother and me to play “home soccer” with only ten square meters big is unforgettable for me. This is the place that attracted me, this is the place that makes me threw all the stress to a mile away, this is the place that made me called it, “the biggest field in the world” and do you know why do I say the ten square meter space the biggest field? Because this is the place that hold on all my memories in my childhood.


This tiny space is located in my China home. I played “home soccer” with my brother here since I was in second grade. Sometimes I wonder, how can we play soccer with this tiny space and had fun with it? This place was specially designed for me and my brother. A little sponge ball, two doors each side, had attracted me and my brother to go every single night. 


Since the game was played by only me and my brother, it was always one on one. Although I’m way stronger than my brother and way older than him, but I have to pay full effort on it in order to win. My brother had discovered that the side wall can be an assistant for him. I remember one time, he passed the ball to the side wall and then it reflected back. Therefore, he scored the goal with one finger. 


With the regards to my illustration. I realized that people may create the bigger space of joy from a small space as long as they investigate it, they like it. 


Therefore, I believe that this is the power of the place. Whenever it’s big or small. If it means a lot to you, then it’s always the biggest in your mind!

Lord of the Flies Final Metacognition

Lord of the Flies 

Final Metacognition


"Maybe there is a beast, maybe it is only us"

~Simon (Book)


    Written in 1954, Golding tells the story of a group of children who lose their restraint on an island in a suspended time. The story abstracts out the ugliness of human nature, remind people to avoid their own instinct, do not inadvertently wake up the “Lord of the Flies” from their inner heart.

    The definition of the humanity has been discussed over thousands of years; we still cannot tell what humanity exactly is. However, “Lord of the Flies” could enlighten us about the approach meaning of humanity. “Maybe there is a beast, maybe it is only us.” In the reading, the beast are the flies on the dead pig’s head, but I believe the real beast is the inner mind and heart of their own. The kids led by Jack were trying to kill the beast, but they had neglected or did not even realized that the beast that can cause a huge impact on them was the mind and humanity of their own. They had forgotten the conch, the rules, their identity, and their purpose.

    There are three characters that demonstrated the whole book. “Ralph is the protagonist of the book, rational and brave, charismatic and leadership. He urged small fires to be saved, and the conch he held became a symbol of democracy.” People usually love to give Ralph a positive comment like this. In my eyes, even though he expressed a quality of leadership and justice, but he had lack of courage. His power was too fragile even he could not sustain a survival fire. Ralph's heart also had the shadow and darkness, he involuntarily participated in the persecution of Simon, and he eventually failed to grasp the situation, the group on a lonely island to light, watching piglet son killed, oneself also is caught, he could not escape almost died. He was going to give up on the chief, it was Piggy who supported him to insist on what he was doing.

    If Ralph represented the positive character, then Jack was the one who represented the real darkness, violent, and negative. He brings all the evil aspects of human nature to an extreme level. Probably he instinctually possesses a personality of strong and tyrannical. In my eyes, he was a real British gentleman at the beginning, but he disappointed me when time had elapse gradually. He started to lead children to being evil, to being savage. Although, he had the most courage among the all, but he had lack of thinking.

    Piggy is a representative of rational thinking and science, but he was not respected or valued. Although almost all the infrastructure on the island was built from piggy's suggestion, no one thought much of him, not even Ralph, whom he always trusted and loved. Ralph was a friend to Piggy only when Ralph got surrounded by the rebels. Piggy was extremely smart, and he knows what to do; He also knows how to think, but he was not a man of action. His body, his twisted personality and even his Asthma made him became the “laughing stock” of many children. If there was one character I admire in this book, it's definitely Piggy. I liked his reason, sympathized with being ridiculed, and was outraged that he had been brutally killed before the final rescue. Perhaps, without piggy, the children would not have survived so long. But it was piggy's brain that killed him. When he screams out his views, he becomes the victim of the island's first violent incident -- he is beaten by jack and loses a piece of his eyeglass.

    The kids started to hunt and kill and had lost their gentleness. Why was the situation becoming so grave at the end, because they had lack of education, lack of “courage” Every kids had their own advantages and disadvantages, we cannot find out a perfect character. However, whatever they had done, I would feel no surprise. After all, they were just a group of kids.

Lord of the Flies

Timed Assignment


    “Human Nature is evil, the goods are false”. There is no doubt that the future of mankind is bright, but it is not certain that there is no darkness on the way to it; The future of mankind can be optimistic, but the blind optimist is not better than the serious pessimist. Lord of the flies is a book that may enlighten people that what is humanity and what is evil and kind.

    The conch and the piggy’s glasses symbolize civilization. The conch represent the voice, the voice of civilization is what people expect to hear all the time. The glasses represents the light, because glasses can bring fire, they can bring light at night, they can also be a symbol of civilization, not a return to the primitive and barbaric

    The story begins by a group of boys who was left by the airplane on the island. The kids without parents are hard to survive in the harsh climates, unadapted environment. The kids would change their humanity easily by lack of education and family embracement.

    At first,  the boys had a concerted effort, but then they split into the fear of the so-called beast, and ended up with a reversion to the rule of instinct over a sensible democracy. At first, the conch was the signal, the white conch had the supreme authority to convene meetings and discuss important decisions on the island, but gradually different voices began to emerge.

    Therefore, the author compares these children, as well as real people, to flies without brains, and everyone wants to compete for the "Lord of the flies". In the process of fighting, it is inevitable to encounter "boar" such "monster". In this film, "monster" actually refers to the inner demons of children, which is also a trigger. The children gradually split into two groups because of the controversy over the monster, which is also the cause of the death of the first child, Simon.

    In fact, in many cases, people do not do evil in the name of evil, but under the banner of good, in a false mask, lie downward evil. Lord of the flies and boar's head not only represent evil, but also tell us that there is always evil in human nature, which is inevitable, and we should timely reflect on ourselves when problems occur, adhere to their own right, so as to avoid the occurrence of war, bring world peace.



How can we make 9th grade Better?


Try and fail, but never fail to try

—— Jared Leto

A successful ninth grade, an essential year of students’ future development. We, as students at Fenn, should think of a solution to make this year’s experience better. However, it is my perspective that students and faculty members collaborate together to create an excellent and warm community. In order to do that, student ourselves, giving a supportive and trusting environment to each other is necessary.

To be more specific, when somebody else are having difficulties, we should give our hand out, when somebody else are having trouble with works, we should give our hand out, when somebody else needs you, we should give our hand out as well. Sometimes, this little movement can make others feel a huge sense of “warm current”.

Ninth grade, the senior year at Fenn, the eldest grade of whole school. We need to set up examples for lower grades. They can see every moments of ours, as well as they will even imitate what we do. Therefore, in order to give them a good example, we should help others and support others in anytime, anywhere. When others get benefit from you, will have a strong sense of accomplishment.

Take myself experience as an example, when coming to Fenn at the first two weeks. A lot of things that had been struggled with me, iPad systems, different apps, school schedule...

However, it was my classmates who helped me to walk out from it gradually. They gave me help that where to go, fixing the problems,  finding resources... I had been seeing it in my eyes. Therefore I told myself that time, “Maybe I should start to help others too.” I started to carrying the bags for coaches, for lower grades, pushing the door for people. With the regards to this example, it is my classmates that gave me the lesson of helping others, and it is clear that the influence of a good example standard by somebody else is tremendous.

To conclude, a perfect ninth grade experience at Fenn required the work of everybody. When you help others a little bit, the experience will be a bit more colorful

Journal Entry #1

Journal Entry #1

"An inch of time is an inch of gold, but you can't buy that inch of time with an inch of gold."


The world is confronting the disaster, people are suffering from the disease one after another. Throughout the entire war, we have seeing the unity of countries, of people from different nations. The spirit of corroboration, coalition have extoling to the peak in human life. Sometimes I would think, as a member of the world, what should I do for the pandemic or what can I do at this incredible moment. Perhaps, I thought too much, but one of the top things that we could help the world is not going out, that is, to stay at home and be safe.

Yes, I realized how important that is, and of course, staying at home is no longer boring, no longer annoying. Because we learned the acceptance, we already adapted to the excruciating pace and time. That’s pretty much the first thing that I have been doing these weeks. I remember in the first two days I was exploding to the extent that hearing the news of no school and having to stay at home for a long time. My mom told me that this period of special time will be a good opportunity to “stay self-silent” and to really find yourself. Sitting on the sofa and holding the gigantic book, with birds’ song and the sound of wind flapping the trees. I aware the beauty of the world, the beauty without industry, factory, and transportation.

Our family have been watching a series of drama at 8:00pm for the entire holiday already, and it still exists this week. Grandma, mom, George and I usually laying in the ocean of happiness. It is also a little tradition of our family now. The window is no longer freezing, the leaves are starting to grow. Although, it is pretty common to see my brother’s footprint of running around all over the house, and sometimes my mom is edginess, but the house overflowed a stream of warm current.

Playing video games like 2k and Minecraft is no longer surprising during the quarantine days as well. However, we can only play them during weekend time but not Monday through Thursday.

Gradually, days after days, it is becoming the same.

This is what I got, and what we got.

Reading Log: April 14-21

The Remains of the Day

The poignancy of this complex novel, Kazoo Ishiguro’s third, is captured in its title, The Remains of the Day At the end of the sixth day of a motoring tour, in an unaccustomed period of free time, the narrator sits at a pier in Weymouth, waiting for the pier lights to be switched on. Observing the pleasure of the crowd gathered to witness this minor event, Stevens, a devoted butler, reflects that the evening—the remains of the day—may indeed be the most enjoyable part of the day for most people. Ever dutiful, serious- minded, and anxious to do the right thing, Stevens resolves to make the best of what remains of his life—to stop pondering the past and to live with a more positive attitude in the present.

It is a hard-won resolution, for Stevens is an aging man contemplating the unbearable sadness of the remains of a life he suspects was devoted to a flawed master. He is also one of the few remaining professionals of a vanishing breed, whose pride and dignity in turn depend on an English society and a way of life nearly demolished by two world wars.

The novel is framed by Stevens’ attempt to understand and oblige his current employer, Mr. Faraday, a genial American who has taken over Darlington Hall after the death of Lord Darlington. Though Stevens still has a job, it is a significantly different one. Instead of supervising seventeen underlings, Stevens is asked to manage with four and to close off a major portion of the mansion. For Stevens, who compares a butler’s task in a great house to that of a military strategist (requiring detailed planning and ever-ready alertness for emergencies), this reduced staff is not the only challenge to his professional dignity. He also does not understand his new employer, who seems to expect a relationship characterized by what Stevens calls ‘bantering.” Aiming only to please, Stevens gamely sets about learning to banter, as if it were another skill that any competent butler should be able to acquire. He listens to humorous shows on the radio and even attempts a small joke.

I believe that this is what’s called the dedication to the career, Stevens have perfectly showed us how to be a person who can put all is energy, passion to his job. What a great novel.