The Power Of Place

A place means more than you think


Favorite People, Favorite Places,

Favorite Memories of the past ...

These are the joys of a lifetime

Those are the things that last

~ Henry Van Dyke ~

It's time to reflect on the place that is constantly walking around in the back of our minds. For me, there's always this beach, my beach wandering in my mind. When times are tough and my mind is going a thousand miles a minute, I find myself walking along Big Island Pond Beach’s shores. Lingering on the muddy and wet beach calms my busy mind. This is my place and it always will be.
    It's just me, all alone, on a long beach located in Derry, New Hampshire. I find my true self and forget about all of my worries. Every weekend I am up in NH doing the normal yard work and house cleanup. But after all the work is done, I finally have time to myself. The lake drains every winter, so waterfront house owners can fix their docks and will prevent the water from freezing, causing the dock to crack . It's really fun to watch the lake drain over the course of two weeks. The lake that is now a beach is very wet. As the days go by the sea-weed that is on the ground is now drying up and freezing.
    This past weekend I was at my NH house. I spent a long time outside blowing, removing the leaves, and mowing the lawn. Now that all my chores are completed, I have the rest of the weekend to do anything I want. I decided to go on another walk down the beach. I grabbed my muddy boots and headed for the shore line stairs. I stepped on, eager to investigate the underworld of the lake that I don't see when I kayak, boat, jet ski, and paddle board. I remember the obnoxious but cool noise coming from the four wheelers. They were driving around on the beach and sometimes through the shallow water. I thought that it was interesting because I always wanted a four wheeler. I then proceeded to get farther and farther away from the noise. This was the perfect time for me to start thinking about my life. I just turned fourteen a week ago, so I reflected on how much I have overcome. I also thought about how tough this school year has been, especially with secondary schooling applications and essays. I got pretty far from my house, so I turned around. My hands were also starting to get very cold. (self reminder: bring winter gloves next weekend.) I felt calm and collected. When I got home I went right inside to the heater.
    This beach, that I call “my spot” has a value in my life. I connect with the same Jacoby who was here last week. I figured out how to empty all of this stress and built up worrying. It started with my dad showing me this technique of how to relieve my stress in sixth grade. I find that it's the best way for me and will continue to take these walks.
    I thought it was silly to go to my favorite spot, but I was then astonished at how well it helped me empty my heavy load.

The Power Of Friendship

Blood is thicker than water

360_F_185376416_NxRg8pOiYVcBW3cdXxdBt8KwG3xdpa12Sisters make the best friends in the world
~ Marilyn Monroe ~

A good sibling is a good friend. My sister, Jamie, has watched me grow up. Causing us to have an unbreakable connection between each other. Jamie has been so helpful with my stress in the hardest times and making a way through for me. About one and a half years ago I started studying for my bar mitzvah. Preparing for the Bar Mitzvah was very stressful for me because it took a lot of memorization. I was stressing out about messing up or not being prepared. I put a lot of pressure on myself to have everything be perfect. I think Jamie noticed my stress because one day she said “come to my room and we will talk about it.” I agreed and went to her room. She asked “why are you upset?” I replied “my Bar-Mitzvah is one week away and I can barely sing the right tune.” I knew she was doing her best to calm me down, but I'm a very stubborn child. We talked for a good thirty minutes. Afterwards, I felt relieved of my stress because we came up with a plan. The plan is: give one hour a day of studying. If I make a mistake, move on and you can do it again later. She said “I will help you achieve this plan , but you have to put in the work.” I agreed and a week later I was bar mitzvahed. I never realized how well expressing my emotions and issues to someone who really knows me felt. I could have gone to a therapist that didn’t know me but my sister who is blood related and she understands who I am as a person. My sister and I are blood related, but me and a friend are just connected like water. I get the power of both with Jamie.

The Power Of Family

The power of siblingsF3F74427-689F-427B-BE72-9A6C06495309

Siblings are our partners and rivals, our first friends, and our first enemies

- Erica Goldblatt Hyatt

It is only our siblings who truly understand us. It was always my siblings who knew what I was going through and was there for me. There are only a couple times during the school year that they visit. But that word family keeps us connected. Just one phone call to each other that makes our day. We fill in each other on our lives. It makes us feel more in the loop. We then feel we are not so far away from each other. It's even better when we see each other in person…

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Letter To Arthur

Dear Arthur,

My name is Jacoby Garber and I live Bedford Massachusetts. I am soon to be 14 and am happy with where I am in life with school, friends and my family. School is going very well. I am academically strong. I have two brothers and one sister that are all older than me. I have a perfect routine where I go to school and then after school I play golf, video games, and walk my two dogs. What’s better than that? Now let's stop talking about me and more about you, that's why I’m writing this in the first place. How are you doing today? How is life? What does it feel like to live in Belgium? What are five words that can summarize your life? Do you have siblings or pets? What have you been reading? I have been reading this book called Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo.

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The Squirrel

084E6EF5-DEC8-4743-9EB5-68A26522AEDBThe squirrel on the tree
With a mouthful of nuts
Watching the bobcat




     I wrote a haiku about nature. I have lately been observing animals in the neighborhood. Like squirrels, bunny rabbits, birds. Every time I would come outside I would notice squirrels sitting on trees. After finding some food(nuts). While writing the haiku I made sure to follow Mr. Fitz’s comma rules. I used technique #1. Which was to paint an image in the reader's mind, use adjectives and verbs. I made sure to add one verb, watching. Another guideline/suggestion in haiku writing is keeping it under 20 syllables. Most people and I think of a haiku as a 5-7-5 written stanza. But I learned that it doesn't have to be exactly 5-7-5. I went over that rule but stayed under 20 syllables. All in all I think I did fine but it may not be everyone's cup of tea.


Windsor Mountain Memories

Windsor Mountain

I will have no fear after today


Life is better by the campfire

I woke up on a perfect, but cold, Wednesday morning. My eyes were still trying to stay closed. The bright sun gleaming into my cabin through the rickety old windows, soon the others would wake up. This was one of the only times I can be calm on this hectic trip. Soon the area will fill up with noise and hungry students waiting for the teachers to give them instructions. When the bell rang we all slowly made our way down to the dining hall. I looked at the schedule and it read, Cousins, high ropes course. My stomach started to ache just from the thought of it. You could say that I have a fear of heights. I need to overcome my fear; however, I must be calm and strong to succeed. 

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My Passion For Golf

My Passion For Golf

The happiness from golf


Life is better when you’re golfing
~Arnold Palmer

I’m not sure if you knew this, but golf is a sport. Over quarantine I have been starting to play golf. I have been practicing weekly over the summer and throughout the school year. I have also been learning from my brothers. I am now currently playing golf 3 times a week with my coach to master this sport. Now I would like to say that golf is my main sport and my center of calmness. It’s passion.

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