One thing I will remember is the amazing friendships I made this year. I will remember these kids for the rest of my life. It was unfortunate the year was cut short because I had so much more time to spend with the kids who are leaving. One thing that has changed Is my time management. I have been completing assignments earlier instead of holding them off until nighttime. Since I’m staying for ninth grade at Fenn I am really looking forward to the leadership opportunities that I will have.

Poem 3

A mid day stroll


imagine life without nature 

imagine not having the bright blue sky over your head

imagine life without the birds chirping 

imagine life without the mesmerizing sun

imagine life without that amazing mid day breeze 

Imagine life without the spectacular spring colors

imagine life without the little things

Poem 2

A mornings walk


stride by stride 

step by step 


every movement you make 

spring begins to wake 


flowers blooming 

birds zooming



No more bitter winter mornings

where the ground is frozen 


just perfect spring mornings like these 

enjoy it while it last’s


Poem 1

Spring perfection 


Sunshine beaming down on you

as you take that first step into paradise

the aroma of spring air hits you like a truck

the birds singing wonderful tunes

the trees swaying with the breeze.


You suddenly realize that spring has sprung

the sun rising over the hills in the distance

the clear sky looking down on you

the beautiful spring day has just begun. 


Blog post 4

One thing that has become more valuable to me during these times is screen time. Since I can’t see my friends in person the only way we can connect is by way of technology. This usually means video games or video chats. Although video games are bad for mental health I feel like during these unprecedented times they are essential when it comes to keeping relationships. It allows you to talk with friends while doing something you share a passion for. Technology also gives you something to do during these long, tedious days. When life was normal I didn’t have time for these types of things so now they have become a little more valuable. Even though I spend a good amount of time on a screen I still find ways to get physical exercise, whether that means going on a run or working out in my basement. I think we can all agree that our screen time has definenly increased during these times. There is nothing to do besides scrolling through instagram or playing video games with your friends. These are new ways to connect and enjoy each other's company.

English assignment 2

For the first time in my life I officially miss being in school. I miss getting out of the car and seeing all of the fourth graders playing football. I miss the smell of doughnuts in the gym lobby every friday. I miss spike ball games and basketball games. And most importantly I miss my friends. I miss the heartwarming community. I miss the sports, where everyone is willing to try something new and is able to have fun with it. I miss the teachers who work so hard to provide top notch education for us. Sure I Get to see these people now with online school, but it just isn’t the same. And as a new kid this year it's hard to think that my first year could possibly be already over. It’s hard to comprehend the fact that I might never experience these feelings until next year. Also most people are leaving so I can’t become better friends with those people. All in all I miss many things about actually being in school.

Assignment 1

In the Rocky Mountain woods of Colorado there lies a mysterious hut built into the side of one of the enormous mountains. This run down hut consists of heavy rock and brick, the door is mostly metal with a wooden handle. As you enter the hut by way of the door you will find yourself staring at a pool full of sharks. On the other side of this pool there’s a door. To get to this door you will need to get by the sharks. But just before you give up you find a rope dangling from the ceiling, a sense of hope and happiness runs through you. You grab the rope and suddenly you feel a rush of energy. You run towards the water and take a leap of faith but the rope is there to catch you. You swing over the water, as you reach the end of your ride you begin planning your jump. POW! You hit the ground with a thud. As you start to stand up the door begins to open. The room is pitch black, but as you walk in you notice a light switch on the right hand side of the door. You flip the switch and suddenly the room is teaming with light. Cobwebs Surrounding you, old cabinets on the walls. As you make your way around the room you come to another door. As the door opens you hear a weird noise coming from the room. As you enter the room a mysterious figure greets you. He keeps coming closer and closer, until.

Life during the Coronavirus

    During these past few weeks life has been very boring and dull. For example, you can’t see your friends and you can’t even play the sports that we all love. But it is not all bad, One thing that has been nice is the fact that we can all spend quality family time, which we usually don’t have on a regular basis. Some of my low moments include not being able to hang out with friends, not being able to go to school and many others. During these long and tedious days I have found many new activities that I haven’t felt a connection to in the past. For example I have been playing more board games. I also have been playing basketball with my brother to pass the time. One thing that I have enjoyed is being able to sleep in. But now that school has started that dream is no longer a possibility. One thing that has been really frustrating to me is not knowing when all of this is going to end. The uncertainty of this whole situation is bugging me and many others.

The Art Of Racing In The Rain Post

 Will Gaynor

Life’s treasure                                                        

Over the course of the story “The Art Of Racing In The Rain” Garth Stein uses many examples of how a dog can teach us our own humanity. The Novel is told from the perspective of a dog named Enzo. He lives with his owner named Denny, who is a semi professional race car driver, and his daughter Zoe. Enzo’s family has to overcome many challenges they are faced with such as death and a long custody battle. All in all, even though Enzo has limitations because he is a dog he can still give us insight about humanity. Over the course of the novel, Enzo teaches us that patience and control are important parts of the human experience.

    As the story progresses Enzo explains to us that being patient can help you be successful in life not just racing. At this point in the story Denny is explaining to Enzo how to drive in the rain. Denny also explains that being aware of your surroundings and being patient is key to being successful . “Very gently like there are eggshells on your pedals” (13). Denny is saying that being patient and not forcing things can be beneficial in the end. If we are patient and we wait for things to come to us than we will be successful. If we go too fast in life than we aren’t paying attention to what’s going on around us. We are also more susceptible to making mistakes because we are just focused on getting it done. The next passage occurs at the point in the story while Denny is at the head of the case. He is feeling really stressed about money. During Denny and Enzo’s time at home Denny explains to Enzo that it’s ok to lose. Denny really needs someone to talk to now that Eve, his wife is gone. “The race is long. It is better to drive within oneself and finish the race behind others than it is to drive too hard and crash” (291). This passage from the story really gives us good insight on how being patient can impact us in a positive way. Denny is explaining that we need to be patient and wait to make our move instead of trying to blow by everyone without being careful. If we are just focused on achieving our end goal than we won’t be focused on the obstacles that present themselves along the journey. The characters explain that this skill of being patient can help us maneuver through the tough times. 

Enzo also gives us insight on how being in control can benefit us in our own human experience. Before Denny teaches us about being in control he is lying down on the couch with Enzo, Eve and Zoe. They are watching Formula 1 racing. These points in the story Enzo thoroughly enjoys because he gets more of an insight on the human lifestyle. “Ideally a driver controls the car so completely that he corrects a spin before it happens” (48). At this point Denny is talking about how we can control the future in a way that won’t get us into trouble. If we have experience we learn how to correct mistakes before they can happen. For example in the story, things could have escalated a lot more quickly with the whole situation with Annika but since Denny foresaw the consequences he would of had to face he made the right decision. While Denny was at the track A man by the name of Lucca Pantoni came up to him and offered him a job in Italy. Eventually Denny sat down with him, Zoe was also with Denny. Denny explained to Zoe that you always need to be in control. “Slow hands in the fast stuff, fast hands in the slow stuff” (89). In the Novel Denny expresses that control is key. This passage supports that perfectly. If we go into the turns of life without being ready and without being focused than that will only hurt us. Also as the straightaways in life present themselves we need to be ready and patient. We can't just blow by it like nothing. 

Being in control and knowing your surroundings can give us an advantage over others. Despite the fact that Enzo is a dog he can still give us information on the human experience because he sees it differently than we do. As the Novel progresses Enzo teaches us about being patient and how being in control is key in life. The characters throughout the story display this is a variety of ways. These two lifelong traits can be used in so many different experiences good or bad. After all we control our own destiny.


Assignment 3

“She was my fear. But a racer should not be afraid of rain; a racer should embrace the rain” ( 44).
Why does Enzo refer to Eve as his ‘rain?’ 
He refers to her as his “rain” because she is a object that is interfering with his everyday life. She is affecting the way that Denny lives his life due to her sickness. And also this sickness that Eve has is a setback to her daughter Zoe’s growth.2. “Did he really believe that, or was he lying to himself?” (60). What’s the context here? Why might Denny be ‘lying’ to himself about Eve? He might be lying to himself because he doesn’t want to think that Eve is sick but inside of him he really knows that she is 3. “But trust me when I tell you the zebra is real. Somewhere, the zebra is dancing” (66). What do you think the zebra represents for Enzo? I think that the Zebra represents Enzos dog side of him. I believe this because he is still a dog and dogs still make mistakes.

Assignment 10

"The race is long. It is better to drive within oneself and finish the race behind the others than it is to drive too hard and crash" (291). This quote is showing that it is better to be cautious and to stick to your own ways and not trying to be someone you aren’t. If you act as someone else or let someone control your decisions you will not be satisfied. You can’t depend on someone else to make your life decisions especially when it comes to your daughters own life. The quote is also saying that even if you try and you keep going without giving up you will still feel like you did your best. But if you just give up you obviously won’t feel that satisfaction. Like Denny said “ No race has ever been won on the first turn but many have been lost”

Assignment 9


  1. Discuss Mike as a character. What are some of his qualities? What role does he play in the novel? Is he a good friend?


    In the novel mike plays the role of a safety valve and supportive friend. Denny goes to him when he needs an extra hand or when he has to make a tough decision. Some of Mikes character traits could include helpful, generous, flexible and empathetic. MIke helps Denny get through the tough times. I do believe that Mike is a good friend because he is always there for Denny in the hardest times and he is always willing to put Denny before himself. Mike just wants Denny to be happy. An example for when Mike has helped Denny could be when he helped Denny deal with the passing of Eve. Mike would watch Enzo or help Denny with the case or just other little thing such as talking to him when Denny needs it most.


Reflection: In my writing samples I feel like I need to become more of a “free writer“ This means that I need to sort of be more creative because I feel like sometimes I stick to just what the prompt says. Also I’m my writing I need to add more specific verbs and adverbs to make my writing flow better and to paint more of a picture in the readers mind I should also add more descriptive adjectives. In my writing I also need to be more aware of commas. I can fix this issue by proofreading my writing more and paying more attention to the grammatical side not just the writing itself. While writing sometimes I add words that don’t need to be there just because it makes the page have more words. I can avoid this by taking my time and also becoming more aware of the words I am either typing or writing. Occasionally in my writing I don’t have enough sentence variety meaning most of my sentences sound or start the same. This issue can be fixed by adding new words that are more creative as well as reviewing my writing when finished.

Chat pack

If I was hired to give a new look to the Whitehouse i would add more trees therefore the presidents would have more privacy I would also add a water park so that when I become president I can use it.