School letter



Determination, Kindness, and Self-Confidence


Dear Admissions Committee,

Humans have been on earth for almost 300,000 years. I am  fourteen-years-old, sitting in English class having to write about my qualities. How I act will decide how far I get in life. Over my short life I have come to the conclusion that to achieve my goals I have to have Self confidence, kindness, and determination. but having those traits does not mean I’m perfect, only seeking my best.

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Hockey debacle



What a damn debacle. As I am currently writing this I am in a car driving from Marlboro to Braintree. Why such an unusual route to be driving at 8:00pm you may ask. Well it all started when I arrived at the rink at Marlboro (NESC) expecting to have hockey practice like every other Tuesday this year. I finished my math homework in the parking lot and headed into the rink not rushing but not lollygagging either. I went straight to rink 8 since we have been practicing there all year. I got all the way back to the back of the giant facility which by the way has the most rinks in one building in all of the US and possibly the world. When I arrived at the locker rooms instead of seeing the usual suspects that are my teammates there were a bunch of 9 year olds waiting to get on the ice. I now had to run all the way back to the front of the building to look at the tv to make sure I was not in the wrong rink. When I got back I realized our team was nowhere to be found on the tv. I called my mom wondering what I should do, she called my coach and it turns out I didn’t have practice today. So we drove to my other team's practice which starts at 9:00 at night which means I don't get home until well after 10:30 so let me finish up this already long journal so I can go inside and get ready to get on the ice. 

The Chair


    I walked into English class just like every other day. But for some reason the door was locked. Someone inside let us in and immediately Me and Aiden had the exact same thought. In the middle of the class was sitting the most comfortable chair in the room waiting to be claimed by the most worthy. It was a large black chair with huge cushions that felt like you were sitting on clouds and padded armrests so you could rest your arms while writing a journal entry. 

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Power of Community

Importance of Support



I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples

Mother Teresa

Without a community to support you, you will not succeed. I can always turn to my fellow hockey players for support. I don't play on my hockey team to win games, I play to get better which is only possible with the support and care of my teammates.

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The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Justin Graf
Fitz English
final essay

Friendship, Poverty, and Enlightenment


“Poverty isn’t defeated with wealth it’s overcome by hope”

~Jeff Goins

It was nine o’clock Thursday night and I was riding home from hockey practice. All of my homework was done but my iPad was still open.  I was reading my online English novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, By Sherman Alexie. This was the first time in years that I was happily reading a book that I had not chosen. I was amazed at how much fun Sherman made this book to read and how a seemingly sarcastic book could have such a huge impact on me. It put me in the shoes of a 14-year-old Indian kid and enlightened me to the racism and poverty he went through and how he overcame it often with the help of his friends.

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My First Karate Class

Going out of your comfort zone



A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new

-Albert Einstein


It was October 2011, I was four years old and in preschool. I had just got home where my dinosaur chicken nuggets were waiting to be devoured by my ravenous self. My mom walked up to me and said, “there is a Karate studio running a beginner class at school, would you like to go and try it out?”
“YES” I exclaimed, “That would be AWESOME!”

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Caribou Essay

Overcoming fear, and friendship


Do what you fear and your fear will disappear

~Franklin D Roosevelt

I sat on the bus thinking, as we pulled into Camp Caribou where I would be living for the next three days. I was so excited for these days to come. I walked off the bus to finally smell the fresh pine filled Maine air and birds chirping. The cool breeze brushed over to cool me from the hot day. JP tossed me football which fell into my hands. I looked down the dirt road to the many fields, courts, and rinks. I already thought about how these short few days could change me as a person forever. I was imagining the amazing friendships that would be built over these couple days and how I would have to face challenges to overcome my fears.

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