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October 2019

September 2019

Favorite Place


I slide out of bed and take in a breath of fresh air. My feet drag me still half-asleep over to the screen door. Right as I step outside the warm sun blinds me. Once I readjust to the light my view fills with colors. Right in front of me is the colorful walkway down to the beach. All around are light green trees and bushes surround the walkway. Down in front of me is the light golden sand that connects from the walkway to the water. The ocean is tinted light blue and just as clear as glass. The white waves lousy crash over as they dissolve back into a clear blue and wash up to the shore. As I walk down to the beach the soft sand sinks under my feet. Along the shore I see kids heading out to play and splash in the water. They laugh and shout in joy as they run into the cold ocean. The sun starts heating up as my family joins me one by one on the beach, and spend our last amazing day in Mexico.