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If you could host your own reality TV show, what would be the theme and how would contestants be eliminated from the show.

If I could I could host my own reality TV show it would be about taking ten year-old Fortnite addicts placing them into the woods with challenges as they try to survive, like survivor. These kids, tragically, would probably not survive because all they do is sit in front of their TV and yell at their friends for letting them die. The parents, of course, would have to agree to this. Also, the zebra still dances.

I Believe Essay

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Lucas Greenland


I believe rescue dogs should be adopted. In my lifetime my family has had 8 rescue dogs, two of which were “mine”. I adopted my first rescue, Cash, when I was in second grade. We rescued him from a rescue organization in North Carolina where he had been abandoned by his owners when they were evicted from their home. My second rescue who I have now is Brady. We adopted Brady from a rescue that brought him from Missouri where he and his litter had been left to die in a barn after their tails had been chopped off with a machete.

My first dog Cash was the best first dog I could have asked for. Cash was fear aggressive when we first brought him home because of his past. He was aggressive with a few people in the months after he first came home with us because he was so scared. We worked with Cash and he slowly settled in and turned out to be one of the calmest and well-behaved dogs I have ever met. It was rewarding to see our love and patience change him. To get my second dog Brady, we drove to New York to meet him, his other surviving littermates, and their owners. We could already tell how incredible of a dog Brady was as we were leaving because of how sad his foster parent was to have to leave him. Brady was three months old when we rescued him, and as a puppy, he required a serious commitment to training. I was responsible for taking him to obedience class. Brady has had an immense impact on my life. He is always in an uppity mood and excited to spend time with me and my family. 

Finding and applying for a rescue dog is time-consuming and some people do not have the patience for the somewhat disorganized and volunteer-based rescue system. I think that it is important to be as patient as possible with this process because if you rescue a dog you can change their life in an amazing way and they can change yours as well.