“I do not care so much what I am to others as I care what I am to myself”
What is something in your house that has become more valuable to you during your extended time at home?

“We do our best work on hate. Hate can fuel our desire to make our immediate world a better place.”

Without hate negativity in the world, there’s no positivity to strive for. Doubt and hate are what push you to work harder and prove people wrong. Without people or things criticizing or showing what is bad in the world, we’ll never know how to make it better. Hate is not a word we hear or look at and say, “I love that!”. Instead, it’s something you try to find a way to get rid of and get rid of the reason for that hate, and in that way, it helps us. It’s neither something to run away from nor something to take too lightly. If someone is nice and says they like something or are truthful and say they hate it, the hate will push you towards making a difference quicker. It has a sense of power and seriousness that draws people into change and solutions. I think this is true for most people as well as me. Although hate might not be what someone looks forward to when they get out of bed in the morning, it also might be the thing most important and most effective way to point out the issue or subject and what needs to be done to fix it. Hate is an interesting thing that even I try to avoid most of the time, but in the end, it’s a great motivator and something that always stands out.


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