What is something in your house that has become more valuable to you during your extended time at home?
The Perfect Day

Gone Too Quick

eyes open

to a morning sun

seeking through my window,

asking all to awake

to embrace its warmth 

and the breeze of the spring, 

the birds chirping their good morning songs

listening for anyone to sing along


one snooze and it is all put to waste

all of the noise 

all of the colors

all of the sunshine and warmth

all ignored.


this part of the year disappears in a snap

And all that is left to think about

are the chirps 

and the flowers

and the trees 

and the welcoming sun that put up with the breeze

you see

after this warm season ends 

we are always left with nothing 

but unease


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Panha Sam

I really like how you formatted the poem. Personally, where you start and end each line really enriches the tone of the poem. And the few lines that rhymed with one another adds a nice touch to the poem as well.

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