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English Last Work

The things I will remember most from my 8th-grade year at Fenn are my friends and my teachers. I’ve had some really fun moments this year as a whole class, and just with smaller groups. Looking back to the start of the year, I think that I’ve gotten much better at time management and not procrastinating. Even though we’ve had a tough time during quarantine, it has helped me with these things and taking responsibility. I’m looking forward to working hard next year and applying out. I got a glimpse of the process this year and I’m hoping I can be ready next year.

One Step

one step outside

is all it takes


to be able to see the breeze as it gives life to the trees

freeing them and letting them dance around


to hear to birds filling the air with sound

songs that stay there forever


to be able to see the snakes slithering through the grass

trying to make it back into their hole of a house


to be able to see a bright blue sky dotted with clouds

a sun bringing light to all below it


to be able to see flowers blooming and gaining their colors

as they realize spring is upon them


one step outside

is all it takes


to see this amazing world we live in

and all it has to show

The Perfect Day

how would you want to wake

on a spring Saturday morning


to a clear sky and lively sun

or water glazed leaves glistening bright


a day that is so nice that it drags you outside,

pulls you away from all else


the sun piercing you with warmth and happiness

filling you with energy for the day to come 


imagine a day where all angriness and stress is released into the wild

drawn away from society 


a day so perfect that you forget all else

and are only focused on being in the moment

Gone Too Quick

eyes open

to a morning sun

seeking through my window,

asking all to awake

to embrace its warmth 

and the breeze of the spring, 

the birds chirping their good morning songs

listening for anyone to sing along


one snooze and it is all put to waste

all of the noise 

all of the colors

all of the sunshine and warmth

all ignored.


this part of the year disappears in a snap

And all that is left to think about

are the chirps 

and the flowers

and the trees 

and the welcoming sun that put up with the breeze

you see

after this warm season ends 

we are always left with nothing 

but unease