The Perfect Day
English Last Work

One Step

one step outside

is all it takes


to be able to see the breeze as it gives life to the trees

freeing them and letting them dance around


to hear to birds filling the air with sound

songs that stay there forever


to be able to see the snakes slithering through the grass

trying to make it back into their hole of a house


to be able to see a bright blue sky dotted with clouds

a sun bringing light to all below it


to be able to see flowers blooming and gaining their colors

as they realize spring is upon them


one step outside

is all it takes


to see this amazing world we live in

and all it has to show


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Sean Trudeau

Great poem Lucas. You did good with the techniques were learned in class and it was very descriptive.

Niko Weaver

Your Poem takes the reader into your walk with your vivid details. The end was especially great in how you said "we" to include the reader in your detailed poem.


Lucas, this poem is truly moving and motivational, and I will be honest it brought a tear to my eye. I could not agree more that by just stepping outside, we can appreciate the incredible work of Mother Nature and not take this world for granted. Thank you!

Colin Balfour

Lucas, this is a very good poem. I love your descriptive vocabulary as well as the verb chioces. You used a lot of great diction and made the poem shine.

Luke Rainis

Nice poem Lucas! I really liked how you incorporated vivid verbs and two line stanzas in your poem like we learned in class. Bravo!

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