Daniel, Oscar and Andrew dialogue story

Daniel Haines, Oscar Patton, Andrew Heinze story.

“Back in my day when I was 15 years of age i was the man of the house. I had to hunt and work for my food each and every day. We couldn’t just send some text message to somebody and expect food in ten minutes!”

”so grandpa the world has changed that how we live now.”

”or so you thought...”

”what do you mean grandpa?”

”as of right now, sonny all of your “tech” is broken.”

”hahaha yeah right”

go try your device if you don’t believe me, plus all the super markets and other “new” things are gone, you are now actually going to work for you food.”

”is this a joke?”

”dead serious, you to want eat tonight or not?!?”

”of course”

”lets go hunting then, becuase that’s the only source of food now”. 

“What are we eating then”.

”I don’t know when I was your age when we got hungry we’d eat the closed hunk of meat we could find, even each other I bet you’d be a good hardy meat!”




Fenn had homecoming this weekend, this was my first homecoming game ever and this was probably the biggest football game I’ll ever play in. I was up at 9 and already super excited and wide awake, this is unusual for me if you ask any of my family they’ll say I am definitely not a morning person. I got fenn and immediately ran to get changed. After we got dressed we went to the MMR for a chalk talk pregame. I was super anxious and excited because this was my first fenn football game where I would get some decent playing time, and I was on kick off and kick return. After the chalk talk we walk down to the field it was fairly quiet because homecoming was in full swing yet. Once we got to the field we took our lap and stretch, by the time we finished that we all expect Fay to be there but they were so we went in to full field kick off. After we got a few reps in the enemy arrived. Fay was fairly small like us expect for 3 of there players who were all 6’3” 170 easily. Five minutes after Fay arrived the refs called captains. We lost the toss and they choice to receive so on marched our kick off team. We huddled up and stiga called a kick left which meant it was going to winters and I side. At this point all the nerves were gone, the crowd faded away it was just me and person down field. After teddy kick the ball of ryan and I sprinted down the field but the ball carrier ran to the right. I didn’t see much action until AliJah took it 30 yards to the house and on march our kick off team. We kicked it off again, same thing happened stiga called kick left and the runner returned it right! At this point I was getting upset, I want some action. After another four and out by Fay and a touch down by fenn we were on the field. I had a good feeling before running on the field like I knew something was gonna happen. Stiga called kick left and we where off. Teddy kicked it down field I saw it was drifting to the left, my side! I saw an opening and I took it. I squeezed through to blockers and saw the ball carrier and one more blocker. I ran to the left more to get a better angle and lowered my shoulder for the hit... not gonna lie I kinda missed BUT I grab his jersey and stop him dead in his tracks then i grab his legs and twisted causing him to fall. I had finally done it something I had thought was previously impossible... making a tackle in a really football game. As Neil Armstrong said “That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." This just goes to show how you can work hard for years and not expect it to pay off but it almost always does.

My Experience at Camp Belknap


Camp Belknap 


Daniel Haines 

ith overcast sky’s the boys prepared for the boat race. The 26 boys had prepared for this race for what felt like years, even though they had only spent one hour constructing the boat out of cardboard, duck tape and pool noodles. My group yelled “LETS GO FATI, LETS GO”! Buck and Mattew slowly lowered the boat into the water. Tucker then climbed carefully into the boat and got ready for the biggest race of his life. But before we continue with this heroic story of how tucker fought for his life lets go back to the beginning Camp Belknap is a Camp New Hampshire on the shores of lake winnipesaukee. I was fortunate enough to go for 3 days, there was amazing staff and counselors. There were lots of fun activities and the time really flew bye. The first day was great, the bus ride wasn’t that long. I sat next to ryan and used one of his AirPods. No one knew what to expect given none of us had been there, except Oscar but he hadn’t been there in a couple years. When I asked him later if this was like the camp he said it wasn’t so we really got a special experience. The first day was good it was a little overcast but not to warm or cold. We settled down into our cabins I was in cabin 4 we had, Mathew, Buck, Andrew P, Andy B, Connor K and Lukas, and our counselor was Declan. But I feel like I made a special bond with everyone in the cabin.


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My fenn life

My slice of fenn life

Daniel Haines
My freshman year at fenn has been amazing so far. Our schedule seems to have less classes. Biology has been very interesting so far and very hands on which I’m very excited about. Double bio seems to be very cool and intriguing. English is a class were I really hope to grow and become a better writer, I’ve always thought I had room to grow in writing. Global I think will be very excited I was really interested in social studies last year. I also never really learned about the Middle East and I think it will expand my knowledge.

But I’m even more excited about football season. Last year I didn’t really play but this year I hope I get to play more. We have homecoming on September 22 and I’ve never played in homecoming before. There apparently going to be 200-300 people at homecoming watching the game. Definitely going to be the biggest stage I’ve every played on.

Being a senior is really different. You get senior seats obviously which is amazing you get a great view over everyone. I really don’t feel like a senior though it crazy that’s its already been 5 years since I came to fenn. I remember looking up to the senior like they were grown men. But now that I’m a senior it feels so different. I am really excited for senior year I can already feel as of this years going to fly by and I’ll be onto a new school. I hope I can really keep this in mind while the year flies by and cherish this year.

Changing the NBA

NBA offseason


“In this fall, this is very tough, in this fall I'm going to take my talents to South Beach and join the Miami Heat.”-Lebron James, July 10 2010

Daniel Haines

Demarcus cousins, Lebron James, Kawhi Leonard, have been some of the few big names in the NBA offseason. I’m still baffled by some of the trades and signings. The NBA offseason always has some big trades but this year was different. This NBA offseason has easily been the most interesting and insane. 

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