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“In this fall, this is very tough, in this fall I'm going to take my talents to South Beach and join the Miami Heat.”-Lebron James, July 10 2010

Daniel Haines

Demarcus cousins, Lebron James, Kawhi Leonard, have been some of the few big names in the NBA offseason. I’m still baffled by some of the trades and signings. The NBA offseason always has some big trades but this year was different. This NBA offseason has easily been the most interesting and insane. 

Demarcus Cousins went to the warriors for 1 year and 5 million dollars, This was super shady move. He is arguably the best center in the NBA he is making barely more then Mo Bamba who is a rookie! He also lied to the media about not have any other offers when in reality he had a multiple years 40 million dollar offer from the pelicans. Who have Anthony Davis, after Demarcus got hurt before the all star break,  AD wore he’s jersey in the all star game to show him so respect and after, when the break was over AD went on a tear. AD has averaged 28.05 points over the last two seasons, he’s also had 11.45 average rebounds in the last two years. AD and Demarcus cousins were the best big man duo in the league and if the pelicans knew how to build around then they could have take down the juggernaut of a team, the golden state warriors. This was only the third biggest drama of the NBA off season.

Kawhi Leonard is the 3 best small forward in the NBA in my opinion and one of the best defenders ever. He was “injured” the whole year though. He decided to stay on the bench even after his team doctors cleared him to play, he sat out the playoffs and made it VERY clear he didn’t want to be in San Antonio. The Spurs had a shot at the ship this year but Kawhi basically passed cause he wanted to go to LA. Eventually the spurs traded him to... drum roll please, The Toronto raptors. Yup they sent him to a different country. And got the best shooting guard in the league in return. But the entire NBA community has shamed Kawhi he used to be a loved person in San Antonio but now he’s hated. He threw a temper tantrum and it went completely south.

Now onto the biggest decision since Lebron James said “I have decided to take my talents to south beach and join the Miami heat”. And yet again one of the biggest free agency signings ever has involved Lebron James. He moved to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers made some big moves this offseason and have put together a decent team. They acquired Lance Stephson, JaVale McGee, Rajon Rando and they obviously kept there core of young talents including Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma. Some others smaller things in the offseason such as, Paul George stay with the OKC Thunder, Everyone thought he was going to the lakers. Carmelo Anthony went to the rockets, I think he is going to bring there play of basketball down given how much of a ball hog he is. When he plays for team USA he’s shown he can be unselfish but he doesn’t seem to want to in the NBA. Dennis Schroeder was also traded to the thunder for Carmelo Anthony and I think he is going to be a great 6th man for them. Dwight Howard was traded to the Wizards, Jabari Parker signed with the Bulls, Deandre Jordan signed with the Mavericks who’s team is actually looking decent given they drafted Luka Doncic, Isaiah Thomas signed with the Nuggets on a veteran minimum. This has been the craziest NBA offseason ever. I don't think we will ever have one as crazy as this again. I am super excited about this season even though the warriors are gonna with the championship, I’m very excited to see how the Celtics do and can’t wait for the Celtics Lakers rivalry to be back.