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My Experience at Camp Belknap


Camp Belknap 


Daniel Haines 

ith overcast sky’s the boys prepared for the boat race. The 26 boys had prepared for this race for what felt like years, even though they had only spent one hour constructing the boat out of cardboard, duck tape and pool noodles. My group yelled “LETS GO FATI, LETS GO”! Buck and Mattew slowly lowered the boat into the water. Tucker then climbed carefully into the boat and got ready for the biggest race of his life. But before we continue with this heroic story of how tucker fought for his life lets go back to the beginning Camp Belknap is a Camp New Hampshire on the shores of lake winnipesaukee. I was fortunate enough to go for 3 days, there was amazing staff and counselors. There were lots of fun activities and the time really flew bye. The first day was great, the bus ride wasn’t that long. I sat next to ryan and used one of his AirPods. No one knew what to expect given none of us had been there, except Oscar but he hadn’t been there in a couple years. When I asked him later if this was like the camp he said it wasn’t so we really got a special experience. The first day was good it was a little overcast but not to warm or cold. We settled down into our cabins I was in cabin 4 we had, Mathew, Buck, Andrew P, Andy B, Connor K and Lukas, and our counselor was Declan. But I feel like I made a special bond with everyone in the cabin.


We arrived at three so we really only had a half day but after lunch we went to the baseball field and did some bonding exercises which was pretty easy given we’ve been in the same grade for a while. Expect for Steven who I keep forgetting that he arrived only this year! I feels like he’s been a part of the class for year already. After the bonding exercises we had some general swim which is free time. Belknap had a really cool basketball court. The first night was rough, my cabin was still talking after lights out. A counselor had to come in and yell at us, but I heard some crazy stories about what happened in the other cabins. Tim Hibben was yelling “CABIN FOUR” trying to tell us their was a counselor outside our cabin. Sadly his efforts were in vain.

At breakfast after the first night mr. Irwin was pretty mad, steam out of his ears mad. He had the right to be mad looking back on it but in the moment it did not feel good. The second day was jam packed, we had sailing first. I went with ryan cause he knows how to sail. Sailing wasn’t great given there wasn’t any wind. Ryan and I still made it out the farthest, but Rylan and Connor couldn’t get out of the harbor. This obviously wasn’t there fault neither of them had ever sailed and they just couldn’t catch the wind. We went to leadership after sailing, we talked a lot about different types of leadership for example a more hands on like a “driver” or a more passive leader like a “ relationship master”. We then made a boat out of cardboard, a role of duck tape and two pool noodles. This was super fun and our team definitely made the best boat, we were ready for the race the next day. We had lunch and a general swim then we had The Tower! I was not excited about the tower. I despise heights. But when we got there the rock wall was a lot small then I expected and I ended up finishing two sides then announcing my retirement from rock climbing. Rock climbing was actually the most fun out of all the activities.

Right before the camp fire we played a game just like handball, It’s was called buziball. This was the most fun all of us had that day i would say everyone was involved and i don’t think anyone felt left out. The last major event of the night was the campfire. I love campfires this was definitely the most memorable part of the trip. The smell of the woodsmoke mixed with pines really set the tone well. Mr. Irwin had told us to have two pine cones ready for the fire. We sang some songs for example country roads by John Denver which was lead by the most talented musician I’ve ever seen.... Andrew Pesce. McCliff the whole time was very confused on how we knew all the words to the song and was convinced we had a secret rehearsal. We all got a candle, then we all said a goal of the year mine was make new friends and rekindle old friendships. Then we would blow out the candle. After everyone was done we dismissed one by one and threw one of our pine cones in the fire and kept the other one.

The last day everyone felt ready to go home though, the camp was fun but exhausting. But once we heard we were doing the cardboard boat race everyone woke up. Tucker was ready, or ready as he would ever be. As our group yelled “LETS GO FATI, LETS GO”! Tucker slowly and precariously lowered himself into the machine of a boat we had built. After the boat race we headed home. This was another great fenn trip, I went into this not know how it would go and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. This trip taught me a lot about leadership and how me and my class need to step up and lead the school. This was my wake up to that I am a senior now and other look up to me. This was kind of scary but also very cool and new, I’m very excited to be a leader of the school and set a good example for everyone.