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Daniel Haines
My freshman year at fenn has been amazing so far. Our schedule seems to have less classes. Biology has been very interesting so far and very hands on which I’m very excited about. Double bio seems to be very cool and intriguing. English is a class were I really hope to grow and become a better writer, I’ve always thought I had room to grow in writing. Global I think will be very excited I was really interested in social studies last year. I also never really learned about the Middle East and I think it will expand my knowledge.

But I’m even more excited about football season. Last year I didn’t really play but this year I hope I get to play more. We have homecoming on September 22 and I’ve never played in homecoming before. There apparently going to be 200-300 people at homecoming watching the game. Definitely going to be the biggest stage I’ve every played on.

Being a senior is really different. You get senior seats obviously which is amazing you get a great view over everyone. I really don’t feel like a senior though it crazy that’s its already been 5 years since I came to fenn. I remember looking up to the senior like they were grown men. But now that I’m a senior it feels so different. I am really excited for senior year I can already feel as of this years going to fly by and I’ll be onto a new school. I hope I can really keep this in mind while the year flies by and cherish this year.