Poems day uno!

Daniel, Oscar and Andrew dialogue story

Daniel Haines, Oscar Patton, Andrew Heinze story.

“Back in my day when I was 15 years of age i was the man of the house. I had to hunt and work for my food each and every day. We couldn’t just send some text message to somebody and expect food in ten minutes!”

”so grandpa the world has changed that how we live now.”

”or so you thought...”

”what do you mean grandpa?”

”as of right now, sonny all of your “tech” is broken.”

”hahaha yeah right”

go try your device if you don’t believe me, plus all the super markets and other “new” things are gone, you are now actually going to work for you food.”

”is this a joke?”

”dead serious, you to want eat tonight or not?!?”

”of course”

”lets go hunting then, becuase that’s the only source of food now”. 

“What are we eating then”.

”I don’t know when I was your age when we got hungry we’d eat the closed hunk of meat we could find, even each other I bet you’d be a good hardy meat!”