Power of place II

A cold grey afternoon


I went to the cape on Saturday with Ainsley, my mom and most importantly the dog. We went to the beach for about 30 minutes. It was grey, wet, windy and rainy. I rain beat down as i threw the frisbee into the ocean as the waves crashed down. The waves crashed harder as the rain beat down. We started walking back up to the house and as we reached the peek of the bluff i looked back over the vase shore of Dennis beach. The rocks in the small tidal pools, the sand bars over surrounded by water. I fog rolling over the ocean waves with the slight grey tint in the water. The wind blew the tall sea grass around and whipped against my face. I just sat and took in the moment. I love beach and especially this beach, i’ve been going there since I was born. The big rock sat solemnly on the sand bar waiting for warmer weather so everyone can jump off it. Stairs waiting to be put down for many afoot, and me waiting to go back somewhere warm!