Economy, forever a classic
A cold grey afternoon


I was very inspired the first day of writing but after the first day I was struggling to write. I used image in action. 

I sit in the maroon chair
As timmy brushes his hair back
I know its spring time

The white buildings shine
In the winter sunlight
Boys in neon shirts play catch

The crack of the bat
I hear someone yell get back
I dive back, what a catch

The flowers bud
I look around at the color
Byeee school

I used narrowing and expanding (I hope at least) I’m definitely not the best poet but I try.

The brisk breeze hits me
Bonnie says welcome back boys
School has started again

The crunch of leave
I breath in the chill fall air
I’m tackled into the leaves

Crisp leaves
The smell of oak
I’m yelled at to hit harder

I start to run
I see a flash next to me
Bam I’m on my back

I used narrowing and expanding again for winter I really like narrowing and expanding for all haikus 

I step out
The cold wind slaps me
I know, its time to shovel

The light in the distance
I trudge through the snow
I hear a coyote howl

The wind slaps the house

No leaves left in the trees

i cant wait for summer


i sit in the snow

I cant wait to go home

i hate skating

Summer has been so long ago I forget what it feels like I just sorta wrote for these poem and used less of narrowing and expanding 

As the sun bakes me
I grunt and lift the canoe
Martha yells “DAVID”

A buzz in the air
June 9 last day of school
We are free

I look around
No one in sight
Just me and the beach

Swimming out to the rock
I grab the paddle board
There goes a fin