A cold grey afternoon

Power of place II

Chaos is beauty, and chaos is Mrs. Libbys room at the Fenn school. I love mrs. Libbys room and all the memories I have there. Noah Wells saying “its the sweet one” in an octave higher then most professional singers. Henry Slate non stop washing his hands and who could forget Fru being Fru. I love all these memories and so many more, but my favorite memory happened the other day. Picture this, Thursday third period, after recess everyone as a little bit too much energy. Perfect class for that, latin! I love latin, not the language of course but the class. We have a small class of 5 people, Fru, Lukas, Andrew, Peter and yours truly, me. Lukas has always been very sarcastic to everyone and its sorta become part of him. So after mrs. Libby gave him his first recess recall I figured he’d knock it off. Mrs. Libby and Lukas butt heads almost every class. But today was different Lukas was more Lukas which is just not a good thing. Andrew asks a question to mrs. Libby about the quiz we are about to take, and of course Lukas has to cut in and say, “I don’t know Andy, IS IT?” Bam two recess recalls for Lukas. At this point mrs. Libby was not having any of it. When Lukas got back she had a grand idea, Lukas will be taking a kindness course in place of recess! We where crying at this point it was so funny. Lukas was trying to control himself but simply could, he did it again. Another “I don’t know, IS IT” comment and he was gone. Mrs. Libby hit him with the classic three recess recalls in one class. An achievement I have never been blessed to see, but am so glad I did. Lukas has his first “class” today, Friday April 19. I’m looking forward to a new Lukas!