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Power of Family


Having somewhere to go is home. Having someone to love is family. And having both is a blessing.” - Anonymous 

How Massachusetts Brought us Together

Without family it’s hard to get through anything.  If it wasn’t for family I wouldn’t be the man I am today. Especially my sister. She’s always been there. I was scared, cold car with my seat warmer. I was cuddling with my puppy, his white hair shedding on my black sweatshirt. Country music cranking, I was singing quietly to him, even though he was sound asleep. He was jumping up and down it was like he was having a nightmare. Maybe all of this was a nightmare, hopefully all of this was a nightmare, I was scared. Everybody knew something bad was happening. Even my dog. My mom had got a job at Rivers where my sister was starting. Me and my sister never got along until now. She was comforting me. I was really surprised by how nice she was to me. We were moving. This had always been my biggest fear knowing nobody, having no friends, new beginning. It was this time in my GMC I realized I was a boy becoming a man. I realized that I needed to grow up I realized that it didn’t matter who I knew, who my friends were or where I was I realized I needed to grow up. But I couldn’t do this without them, my family. Through all the ups and downs, they will always be there.