Empathy, Bigotry and Marginalization

With bigotry comes self-defense


“There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Collected Works



Sometimes being a bully is too easy. I always take advantage of my friends little brother. If there is a easy way to take something out on someone usually I’ll do it.

“MOM IS MY OCULUS HERE?” No answer. “MOM”. “Shut up Walker no one cares.” Said his older brother Wesley. Up the stairs with his Oculus was his mom. The beating was only getting started.Walker had his Oculus (vr set) on so he couldn’t see us. We planned to attack him with pillows. It would be easy to beat him up, he was small and couldn’t see us. This was the perfect opportunity. We walked in lined up like navy seals about to attack, “Wesley your first.” I said, he went in and nailed him with the pillow, I came in right behind him and chucked a pillow at his face. He screamed “OW.” I saw blood, I knew I was screwed.

I learned a lot from this experience, I didn’t know not to take advantage of kids that are smaller, weaker, and dumber than me. This was a good experience for me to learn from.


Being a bully is a bad trait.



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Drew Callen

Good story and somewhat relatable providing that I have had an experience like this before

Finn hudson

I like how you said “I saw blood, I knew I was screwed” because it showed that you immediately regretted your decision showing that this was not a smart thing to do. Also it is relatable because as a older brother when you see something bad happen your first thought is “I’m screwed.”

Andrew Crofton

Sorry to hear about that, happens to all of us. I like your smile about you being a navy seal.

Jack Doherty

This story was told very well, nice job. I also like of how well you learned from your mistakes, and what not to do again.

Dereck Then

I like this story because you explain how you learned from your mistakes. I really like how you ended the story “ Being a bully is a bad trait.” It really made me think about this phrase and I agree. Good job!

Willie Belle

The story was very well told, and i also liked how you ended your story with you learning from your mistakes.

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