Looking Forward

Find Something You Like and Look Forward to it

“Every broken heart has one time or another asked, "What is important to me now?”
Shannon L. Alder



“This time is a time to self-reflect, This time is a time to get better at something, this time is a time to spend with your family, this time is a time for you.” No, stop the only thing I know about this time is that it sucks. One thing that I do during quarantine is to find something to look forward to, for example this week I was looking forward to a long weekend. The thing I look forward to the most is playing Xbox with my friends.

I usually play Madden with Will Belle, but I wanted to change it up so we played Fortnite, although it had really died down now it’s really picking back up again. We were playing squads Will Belle, CJ Bailey and I, I figure that I am the best out of the three and they know me to be the best out of all of us. 

In our first game we landed at Pleasant Park, it was “first drop” so there is bound to be a lot of people there, but CJ Will and I are all above average so we had a chance of coming out alive. Will and I are something called toxic twards each other which means we are just straight up mean to one and other, but as like a joke but not really a joke. I had 3 kills, Will had 5 and CJ had 1 coming out of Pleasant Park, but me and CJ ditched Will and left him at Pleasant Park so he had to run everywhere, (this is an example of being toxic). There were still 45 people left so it definitely wasn’t over. CJ and I landed on someone in a helicopter and I killed two and CJ killed one, but no I only killed one and Will stole on of my kills, (example of being toxic). I may have screamed at him, but he only laughed at me, which kind of ticked me off. Will still and two more kills than me and my goal was to finish with more kills than him.

Now there were twenty people left, and Will only had one kill more than me, I really, really wanted to get more kills than him and now I was trying to be more toxic because when I am toxic he doesn’t play well, (considering we are on the same team I probably shouldn’t do this, but I did anyway). He reacted just how I wanted he got pissed at me and eventually I died in the final fight and he won it for us and it just shows that karma can bite you.

If I learned one thing from this game is to not be mean because when your mean you should be treated the same way as your treating, so it’s just setting yourself up for failure, and if there is one thing I learned it’s that failure can cure anything.




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I appreciate your honesty and realistic approach to this assignment. Yes this time does suck, as you put it. My hope is that you'll find something with the a silver lining--something meaningful that might serve as a lesson for life--and you did, but just a different kind of reflection on being mean to not.

Andrew Crofton

Your body paragraph was very detailed and accurate, very toxic though, might have to ban you. Overall great piece had a great time reading it.

Finn hudson

I really liked your middle paragraph and how you said “(example of being toxic).” Throughout my the writing I liked how you put your thoughts in there along with your actions.


Nice writing, my favorite part was in the middle of the story when you said “( example of being toxic)” I found this fun to read throughout the entire story. Nice job.

Kevin Yuan

Nice job, this is very humorous. I enjoyed how you wrote the middle paragraph, “(this is an example of being toxic)”.

Drew Callen

I liked this essay a lot, especially because I always land at pleasant park. Otherwise, nice job.

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