NFL Free Agency

Changes Happen for a Reason


“Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn't stop for anybody.”
Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower



One thing that I’ve found very interesting is NFL free-agency. Tom leaving is too much to absorb. Or how the Titans paid RYAN TANNEHILL (the same guy that has a 500. record in his career) and didn’t pay Derrick Henry (the same guy that singlehandedly beat the Pats and Ravens in the playoffs). The Honey-Badger had something to say about this. First topic is of course Tom Brady’s departure from New England. Some will blame the Patriots, but that’s crap. Tom wanted money, 0 loyalty, 25 million a year for two years, over who knows how much money, to continue a legacy that he started in the place that took a chance on him in the sixth round almost twenty years ago. I just cannot cope with this. Why? Some might say it’s because Belichick tried to trade him to the 49ers 3 years ago, of course he tried to trade him. An expiring 39 year old quarterback, who is on the last year of his contract, wow Tom that is unbelievable. (Complete sarcasm). Joe Montana another great quarterback said. "I don't know what's going on inside there, but somebody made a mistake,” I just don’t understand his side of the argument. Next year might get delayed because of Covid, but we just have to trust Bill Belichick. The 9-7 Titans snuck into the playoffs and had a so to say “tough” first matchup with the Patriots. The entire football world knew the Titans game plan give the ball to Derrick Henry. The Patriots knew too, but still couldn’t stop him he ran for a whopping total of 34 times. 34 times for 184 yards and a touchdown. As “the franchise quarterback” Ryan Tannehill threw for a massive total of 15 times and only completed 8 of those. He had a touchdown, a pick, 72 yards and 2 fumbles luckily of which none were lost. As the Titans upset the Patriots. I’m not a Tannehill hater, I just think he is garbage. In the next game against the Ravens the Titans won again behind Derrick Henry’s 30 runs for 195 yards and a passing touchdown, he was lights out. I don’t want to say this, but Tannehill actually played well, but still only threw 14 times for 2 touchdowns 88 yards and he ran one in. So the Titans advance to play the Super-Bowl winning Chiefs and lost. Tannehill played okay missing a couple of throws, but throwing 21 times for 209 yards and 2 touchdowns. As Henry ran 19 times for 69 yards and a touchdown. I’m not trying to takeaway from Tannehill, but as a NFL quarterback it’s not that hard to throw for 200 yards and a couple touchdowns when the other team is expecting a run every single play. As I said in the beginning Tyrann Mathieu the Pro-Bowl safety who also has a super bowl ring with the Chiefs from this year said, “Damn they paid the QB but the RB who made the QB job 75% lighter he don’t get no love. Boy it’s cold, thank God that man come from a good family.“ This didn’t surprise me because Mathieu had to tackle Henry in the conference championship against the Titans. In free agency the Titans franchised taged Derrick Henry and PAID Tannehill. They paid him almost 30 million a year for a guy who has won the same amount of games as he has lost. One word. Wow. Just wow..... This years free agency will go down as one of the craziest of all time.




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Good post, bit it is begging to be broken into several or more paragraphs.


and get your slam poem and new journal entries in here.


This is a great sports report. It does beg to be broken up into a bunch of paragraphs, which is what the sports reporters tend to do when delivering so much information. Who gets paid what is always a mystery to me. Thanks for driving the point home with some good and passionate writing.

Kevin Yuan

Nice writing. My favorite part is when you say, “I’m not a Tannehill hater, I just think he’s trash”.

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