An Experience With a Friend

Friends may be different, but they’ll stick through anything


“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”
– Walter Winchell




  With friends, come memories. I may only see my friend once a year, but it’s the best part of it. Our friendship is made up of fun, but one thing we love in common, fishing.  

 6 a.m. wake up, little did it seem like vacation, but it very much was. It was something we’ve been asking to do since we were six, deep sea fishing. Still dark out, I asked Wesley as our dad’s overheard in the car, “what do you think were gonna catch?” Wesley (who knows a ton more about fishing than me) said, “hopefully a 56 inch bluefin.” His dad yelled back, “you crazy”. That was the start of our fishing trip.

The reel was spinning like a absolute wild man. For us it was the best sound in the world, “Fish on” yelled the charter captain. Wesley was up he was reeling like he was on steroids, pulling the fish closer and closer to the boat. He could’ve easily pulled it in, but instead he called me over and said, “Will, this may be our dream fish.” He gave me the rod, it was the noise from the beginning the fish ran right back out, all of Wesley’s work went to waste. He could’ve gotten mad, but he encouraged me. When he pushed me to bring the fish in was like any other it drove me to catch this fish. We finally got it in. We measured it, 44 inch yellowfin. It may not be our dream fish, but it’s close enough. This experience was one that I’ll remember for the rest of my life because of the way Wesley made me reel that fish in. He could’ve been a ass and said gimme the rod, but he stuck with me and let me do it that is why this is such a great experience.

If friends make you feel on top of the world, keep them.



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