Don’t Ignore, Do



“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.”
Ernest Hemingway



When someone asks you to do something, you should probably do it. I don’t have to do a lot, but When my dad asked me to do something I don’t want to do I usually give him a hard time.

Monday morning, down pour, I wake up to the sound of the garbage truck screeching to a stop, uh oh I forgot to wheel the full trash barrel to the bottom of our driveway, I hear my dad coming upstairs.

“Don’t say anything.” I said to my dad. As I ran downstairs in my underwear. Last night my dad asked me to wheel the trash down and I kinda just brushed it off and ignored him. I opened the garage and in my underwear wheeled the recycling and trash down the drive way as fast as I can without any other care in the world not even my appearance. At the end of my dead end street there is a little round a bout that I saw the truck going around. I had to wave it down and I might’ve made them go back around the round a bout so the tool can get the trash. When they poured it in I waited for the barrels to come back down, during this time I shared a laugh with the guy on the back of the truck. And finally got out of the rain and back inside and my dad just laughed at me.

During this time I learned that not listening comes with consequences, it might not be losing your phone or video games, it might be just plain embarrassment. Even I laughed because I knew I messed up by just brushing off the fact the my dad asked me to do something and I didn’t.

The next time you’re asked to do something, get up and do it.



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Nice job, I can definitely agree that we need to listen some more as well I also really like the way you ended it. Overall nice job.

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