Power of Friendship

Friendship can be hard


“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”
– Walter Winchell



Friendship can be tough. For me, the toughness was worth it. I thought Wesley leaving was hard but waiting to see him was harder. Me and my family were waiting. Waiting in Florida for them to pick us up. Waiting for the first happiness in years. Waiting to see Wesley for the first time in years.

1,189 miles we traveled. 4 years I’ve waited. They pulled up in their big GMC. We were in Ocean Reef Club. On a boat chilling. Waiting for a fish to bite. Waiting for a fight. Wesley, Walker (his crazy younger brother), my dad, Wesley’s dad and I. We have rap music blaring. The boat next to us hooked a fish. All of us at once hung our heads. Fish on! I look over, the rod was bending like crazy. Wesley got the rod first, he did a good job but when he passed the rod to me and the fish swung the other way and swam. I started reeling. It was a tuna. It was flying through the water. I for sure thought it was going to come off, this fish was tough. I handed it to Walker he was reeling so fast. He got it in the boat. It was bitten in half. What bit it? We wondered. This fishing experience represented my friendship with Wesley. It was cut in half. Split. It was tough, like the fish was to reel in. I hadn’t though about this until now. This was hard to figure out at first but Wesley and I keep in touch and I can’t wait until I see him at Christmas. Once a friend, always a friend, even through the toughest time.


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Willie Belle

I loved the description of you feelings and where you are. Nice Job

Rory Kennealy

I know what it is like not seeing your friends for a while and I know how hard it is. Great writing will.

Max Troiano

I think it was great how you jumped right into the story after the opening sentence.

Dereck Then

Great description on the story. Good job!

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