Nothing Good Lasts Forever

Push Through No Matter What

Life is only what you make it


One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.

Albert Schweitzer




Boys, good game and way to work I know it didn’t work, we gotta get that out there, if we don’t win next game then we’re probably out. Eat up your carbs and be ready to play tomorrow. It was second intermission, we were in Canada for a hockey tournament. I had just chugged a chocolate milk, and it wasn’t sitting well. My teammate, Pete threw up on a random person last night. It was time to go out, I was the last one out of the locker room, my coach asked me, “Will, you feeling alright?” “Yeah I’m fine,” I quickly responded. He knew something was up. Right after the game I threw up, all over the locker room, we lost, we were probably out. Kids on my team were heated. Our coach came in, “that’s a tough one to lose, we were better than that team, it would take a miracle, and we would have to overcome some true adversity to win this thing,” after that I threw up again in the parking lot all over the place, that is my adversity.

I’d come down with the stomach bug, along with two other teammates, I missed our next game which we ended up wining, we faced adversity and somehow made it to the semifinals, we were playing the Islanders, our rival. It was first game back that I came on the bench, we weren’t allowed in the locker room, we sat outside of it, closer to the other teams locker room than ours. The entire game was a battle, but we ended up on top 4-2. Somehow we fought through all this adversity to make it to the finals, and it wasn’t to lose. We were playing the host team Lac St. Loui Liones we lost to them earlier in the tournament, but we didn’t this game, we came out with the win 5-3, although all of the adversity put us down, leaders from our team emerged and we won.

The only way to get through adversity is to step up into your role and do the best job possible.





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