Solitary Walk

Take it in


“Cherish the natural world because you’re part of it and you depend on it.”
– Sir David Attenborough



The blazing sun felt like it was wearing through all my clothes, and I couldn’t wait to get back home for a cold bottle of water. My dog was almost pulling me down my street, somehow he had more energy than me. My face was burning and I was wishing that this was the end of my solitary walk.

Almost everyday of quarantine I walk my dog. He is big for his breed, he is a thirty pounds. It was a hot day, it was about 75 degrees, but it felt like 100 considering we didn’t have a hot day in what seems like a decade. For some weird reason my dog had way to much energy to be inside so I decided to take him for a walk, but this was not a good idea.

I put the extension leash on my dog and went outside he was running and the sun was sunning. The heat was something else I honestly couldn’t deal with it it was smoking hot. I instantly wanted to go back inside, but I could tell my dog wanted to go on a walk, so I did. We went over the bridge on the end of my street and out of the corner of my eye I saw a tree, it was t just any tree it was a tree that my family planted when we moved here, it never really had leaves on it, but I spotted some leaves and it kind of got me exited and happy. We went back over the bridge and ent into a pathway in the woods, we got down to a little stream and I wasn’t really paying attention until I heard leaves rustling and I look down and it’s a snake, it was a snake my instinct pulled my dog back in case it had fangs but it was small so I had nothing to worry about, it also ignored us. Then to my side I saw  a cherry blossom that had just blossomed and it was very pretty. And at this moment I realized how spring is the true time where everything thrives. 

On my hot walk back home I thought about how much everyone under appreciates  the earth and how beaut it is. We all go outside, but only some of us take in the beauty and blessing around us with the beauty of nature and how sometime it might be hot and miserable outside, but we need to understand that, that is where beauty thrives.

So if I could give you advice I’d tell you to cherish and love the beauty in nature.




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Nice job, I really liked reading this and I can definitely agree that we need to cherish nature more than we do.

Drew Callen

I liked this essay a lot, but mostly the theme/the moral of the story is the best part of this essay. Nice job

Andrew Crofton

Great piece, that is one exiting walk, between the snake, tree and blazing sun, is must have been a fun experience.

Kevin Yuan

Nice writing. I like how detailed it is, and I especially like the use of exaggerations in the second paragraph.


I liked your hook. You also described the scene really well.

Willie Belle

I liked how well you described the scene, and your concluding sentence is very relatable. I agree we need to cherish nature more.

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